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RochelleRochelle L Lampkin is an evangelist, with a teacher’s gift and a midwife’s heart.

Rochelle has a passion to extensively study the Word of God.  It is also her heart’s desire to see God’s people become Christ Jesus’ disciples, and discover their Kingdom purpose through the Word of God.  Her targeted assignments are to help women realize and walk in their purpose; and to help persons called by God, to effectively fulfill their Kingdom assignments from God.  She also mentors several persons in ministry in and out-of-state.

Rochelle was born in Highland Park, Michigan; raised in Detroit, Michigan; the youngest daughter of a brick layer and pianist.  She grew up in church, and began reading the Word of God at an early age with her great-grandfather.  However, Rochelle did not decide to live for Jesus until she was 31 years old, had three children and after multiple traumatic life experiences.  At that time, Rochelle was re-baptized at a local church where she was a member.  She later joined her current church of 23 years.  Not long after she joined her current church, Rochelle acknowledged her call from God to serve Him as an evangelist, and began serving in the youth ministry.  She also began teaching new members’ classes, accompanying the outreach ministry to minister to women at local shelters and assisting with District women’s work.

In 2000, Rochelle received an evangelist license.  She was also appointed coordinator of her denomination’s jurisdictional Women’s Leadership conferences.  She began coordinating women’s retreats, writing workshop topics and facilitating women’s workshops.  Rochelle also began speaking in local churches’ Women’s Day services.  Those experiences ignited a powerful synergy between her passion for women’s breakthrough, a teaching ministry and writing.  During this time, Rochelle was also inspired to further her education to learn more about God and His Word.  In 2007, she returned to college to pursue a Master’s Degree in Divinity.  In 2008, Rochelle was given an assignment to prepare six lessons, and began teaching her local church’s ministerial staff.

In 2009, Rochelle had a brain aneurysm, and subsequently 4 brain surgeries.  This caused her to not return to her job of 17 years in the health insurance industry, where she obtained her first leadership and training skills.  During this time of continual physical therapy, Rochelle had an epiphany from God to write scattered thoughts about overcoming her feelings of being stripped, lost, and empty.

In 2012, after returning home from visiting loved ones in St. Louis, MO with her daughter, the Holy Spirit dropped Springing Beyond These Walls into Rochelle’s spirit.  During that trip, Rochelle sat at her cousin’s house with ladies from her cousin’s church who were preparing for a Bible debate session.  As Rochelle questioned the ladies about their answers to the debate’s questions and challenged them to back up their conclusions with the Word of God,  she saw their need to study and dig deeper into God’s Word.  Through this joyous experience, she also saw their love for God and His Word.

The Holy Spirit also revealed to Rochelle of how Springing Beyond These Walls has been shining through in her writings for the Women’s Leadership Conferences, sermons, speaking engagements, Bible Study lessons and personal journaling throughout the years.  And now that Rochelle has walked through the lost of her oldest child and only daughter to Sickle Cell Anemia; Springing Beyond These Walls must happen.

Rochelle Lampkin has written many articles for women in ministry, and trained ministry leaders, teachers and evangelism teams.  She wrote a tract, “Open the Door.”  for a community kingdom building event, and shared lessons with multiple pastors for their ministry teams.  She endeavors to publish her first book in 2018.

She has two adult sons, Justin and Melvin; (daughter, Tamika; deceased), son-in-law, James and grandson, Jordan.

September 2015
Birth Place: Highland Park, MI
Graduate: Central High School, Detroit, MI
Advanced Degrees:
BA: Business Administration, Accounting, University of Detroit Mercy, Detroit, MI
MDiv: New Testament Studies, Ashland Theological Seminary, Southfield, MI
Positions Held:
Currently serving as Dean of Education, Lead Ministerial Staff Instructor, Ministry Administration Team, and Women’s Ministry Coordinator, Greater Emmanuel Institutional Church of God in Christ, Detroit, MI
Women’s Leadership Conference Coordinator, Michigan North Central Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, Detroit, MI

Women’s Executive Board Member, International Department of Evangelism (IDOE), Church of God in Christ, Inc.




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