Are You A Game Changer?


How can some people step out and do things that are rarely done by others?These are the type who have natural talents that enable them to come up with the most cutting-edge ideas.  For instance, I’ve always been intrigued by the minds of attention grabbing television commercial’s writers.  Every time I watch such commercials, I think, “Wow!  How do these ‘out-of-the-box,’ thinkers come up with those unique story lines?”

Some call these creatively distinguished people, “Game Changers.”

They’re the type who present mind blowing ideas in board meetings.  They speak up in neighborhood town hall meetings; and present systems that the majority think are impossible to accomplish.  They’re the ones who introduce technology years ahead of what’s happening today?   These are they who seem to have no fear in causing others to scratch their heads with amazement.

What are the many aspects of carrying the label of; “Game Changer?”

Merriam-Webster defines game changer as, “a newly introduced element or factor that changes an existing situation or activity in a significant way.”   When we apply this definition to a person, we can see how people can wear the label of a game changer.  They are often called innovators; creative geniuses; go-getters; movers and shakers; and other names.  But the most appropriate description in my opinion is, “game changer.”  These are people who are willing to try what others aren’t  trying, or won’t try.  They introduce factors and changes in significant ways.

The interesting thing about people like this is that you can find them anywhere.  They’re on the job; in storefront businesses; large corporations; colleges and universities; public schools; grocery stores; libraries; churches; or even in your own home.  That leaves us with a question.  “Are you a game changer?”


Before you denounce the possibility of you being a game changer; let’s take another look at this concept.  Most of us associate being a game changer with doing something big; that’s going to set off fire works.  And there’s definitely nothing wrong with that.  Doing big things is wonderful.  Fireworks are illuminating.  Yet, that’s not all it takes to introducing something in a significant way.

Think about it.  You may be the only man at your company who’s sporting a huge Afro with your business suit.  Some may call it rebellion or protesting.  Others can look at it as owning the right to living out your heritage.  And before you know it; other black men will start growing out their Afros; and white men will start dawning long hair in their corporate gear. Another way of looking at it; is being a trend setter.

You may be the first person in your family to obtain a college degree; and that inspired others to further their education.  You may be a corporate employee who boldly introduced a new way of administering production and quality.  You may be a fashionista living in North America who stepped out in the summertime looking like Scarlet Ohara.  Before long; Scarlet clones popped up everywhere.  Are you a game changer?

You may be a church member who suggested a soul winning process to your pastor; and as a result, your church’s membership tripled.  You may be an entrepreneur who stepped out and started an on-line business or training that captured the market of your niche.  You may be one of many colleagues in ministry who obeyed God and started the ministry God placed in your heart.  You may be the one in a circle of friends who stepped out and started a clothing line; t-shirt company; an app; non-prophet; a new way of educating persons in ministry; or wrote a book.  You just might be the one out of all your partying friends to repent;  tell God, “Yes;” and decide to live for Jesus.

My friends, think about it.  What’s in you that needs to come forward?  Are YOU an incognito game changer?

Thank you for joining me today.  We’ll talk soon.




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