Are You Being The Greatest You?

Over a year ago, as I sat in a church at my cousin’s memorial service, I listened attentively as someone read of her mega accomplishments.   She was an accomplished pianist with a doctorate in music from the University of Michigan.  She trained other musicians and composed scores of classical music.  They showed a video of her playing during one of her concerts.   Her musical genius, in my opinion, was comparable to Bach or Beethoven.  What I saw was a woman very much into her craft and loving it.  She had found her niche.

piano-362251_640I was extremely inspired.    This was a cousin who I rarely saw, but learning about her life made something leap in me.  God used her piano playing to capture my attention.  Especially because my mom was a pianist and I’ve dabbled at the piano since mandatory lessons in childhood. ….With Fuer Elise being the song I’ve always loved to play; hearing someone play classical music nabbed my attention.   I sat in that church thinking, “I came today to pay respect to my cousin’s parents and sisters; but the Lord had me to come for more.”  My emotions were running wild.  I was sad for our family’s loss.  Yet I was happy that one of our family members had discovered the greatness that God placed within her while she lived on earth.  Though playing the piano is only a pastime comfort for me; God used my love for the piano to spark the question:  “Are you being the greatest you?”

The Spirit of the Lord spoke to me and said, “Rochelle, greatness is not predicated upon material things and accumulation of possessions.  But greatness in you is you being the greatest you that God has created to give Him the glory.  Discover your gifts, your passion and what drives you.  Cultivate your gifts and talents and pursue them.   Keep pursuing your dreams!”  I immediately texted my adult children; Tamika, Justin and Melvin, and shared those words from the Lord with the three of them.

My friends, “Are You Being the Greatest You?”  How is God trying to get your attention?  How is He showing you what is great in you?

breaking walls heartIs it your knack for conversation?  Is it your outgoing personality?  Is it your cooking prowess?  Is it fixing cars?  Is it your agility?  Is it your intense intercession?  Is it your loving personality?  Is it your singing?  Is it your writing?  Is it decorating?  Is it your ability to encourage others?  Is it planning events?  Is it painting?  Is it your designing of clothes, hair, jewelry, or furniture?  Is it your drive to research?  Is it your horticultural ability?  Is it your analytical skills?  Is it your consistent reading?  Is it your constant help to others?  Is it your leading others?   Is it your oratorical skills?  Is it your preaching?  Is it your teaching?  Is it your way with youth?  Is it your boldness in winning souls for Jesus Christ?  Is it your musical ability?  Is it your wisdom?  Is it your eye for fashion?  Is it your intellect?  What is great in you?  AND, have you allowed what’s in you to bloom, expand and spring beyond the walls?

One of my favorite scriptures is the latter clause of 1 John 4:4; “because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” (KJV)  I truly believe that if the greater than, the greatest gift, Jesus, is in you; greatness is in you.  He just wants you to push past all obstacles, tap into your greatness and touch lives with it.

What’s in you that needs cultivating?  What’s in you that can help you go and make disciples of all people groups?  Where’s that untapped greatness?  Are you pursuing it?  Have you discovered it?  Are you walking in it?  No matter what age you are, it’s never too early or too late to discover and experience the greatest you.

Thank you for joining me in Monday moments of reflection.  What are your thoughts on “Being the Greatest You?  I’d love to hear from you.  We’ll talk Thursday.





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