Are You Enjoying The Journey?

Hi!  Are you enjoying the journey?

This question really makes me stop and think.  The answer isn’t as cut and dry as saying, “Yes,” or “No.”  Because the type of response varies from day-to-day.  One reply depends upon if the question refers to life in general.  Another is centered around each chunk of experiences.

For instance; two days ago,  I woke up feeling a little tense.  The uneasiness was brought on by the thought of three outlines for lessons someone asked me to write.  Even though I have years of experience writing ministry lessons; this project causes me to feel very anxious.  But, why?

That’s what I’m trying to figure out.  Perhaps it’s because this is my first time writing for such a large number of targeted readers in a workshop setting.  It is challenging; yet inspiring.  The mere opportunity gives me a smidgen of joy; in the midst of the anxiety.  So again; why the anxiety?  Most people would be leaping with excitement; and not squirming.  Why am I not enjoying this journey?

It’s the attack……

Have you ever landed a new job that you were totally qualified for; yet you walked in on your first day with a stomach full of butterflies?  Have you ever worked on a familiar task; and you were still flooded with thoughts of inadequacies?  Like, “Your writing is too elementary.  You aren’t qualified for this group of readers.  What you’re writing doesn’t make sense.”

It’s the spiritual attacks against your happiness that block your enjoyment of new opportunities.  Sometimes those constant taunts overshadow the joy of doing what you’re passionate about.  They cause you to focus on possible failure; and not thanking God for using you to bless His people.  The very intent is to stop you from enjoying the journey.

So what do you do?

Yesterday, as I lay in my bed moaning from the pain caused by this flu bug I caught from my grandson Jordan, I couldn’t think about what to write.   It didn’t matter about the possibility of a missed chance at sharing my work with more people.  I was too busy praying for healing.

Now tonight, after spending most of the day coughing up phlegm; the first anxiety is gone.  Now I’m concerned about meeting a deadline.  So am I enjoying the journey?  At first I thought, “Not at the moment.”  But now that I’ve thought about the entire situation again; maybe I needed to get down to the wire to push myself to finish.  The deadline is tomorrow.  I’ve coughed, read, written and coughed  most of today.  Am I enjoying this journey?  Well, kinda sorta.

Studying the Word and researching brings joy to my heart.  So I’ll push myself  and say, “YES!  Yes!  I am enjoying the journey.”  I am enjoying the thought of going to church on Friday.  I am enjoying drawing near to completing this ministry assignment.  And most of all, I’m enjoying being able to type this blog post, while not having a headache or sore throat. Outside of this troubling diarrhea; I feel pretty much okay.  I know you’re saying, “Ugh!! Gross!”  But, how cool is that?

It’s wonderful to come out of being too sick to barely get out of the bed; to being okay.  It’s an ecstatic feeling to even want to write your thoughts after dealing with an excruciating head and back ache for days.  It’s great to look forward to going to church; after missing Sunday and Wednesday.  Yes!  Oh Yes!  I’m thanking God for a heart and mind to seek Him in this journey.

What about you?

My friend, think about it.  Are you enjoying the journey?  You could be dealing with some astronomical obstacles.  But, you still can enjoy how God is keeping you in the midst.  You could be dealing with one roadblock after another.  Yet you are enjoying watching God bring you through all storms.  You could be dealing with major financial challenges; yet you are enjoying having peace in the midst.

Or maybe, you’ve waited years for God to come through for you; and you’re still waiting.  I urge you to enjoy the journey.  When you do; you can laugh during dismal times. You can chuckle; when no jokes are being told.  You can sing while others are crying.  You can enjoy lifting your eyes up to the hills from whence cometh your help; because you know that your help comes from the Lord.  All you have to do is, “Enjoy the journey.”

Thank you for joining me today.  It is my prayer that you either start or continue to. “Enjoy the journey.”  I most certainly am; in full anticipation of what God will do next in my life.  We’ll talk soon.



Originally posted 2017-03-09 23:19:20.

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