Are You Open to the Pros and the Cons of Flexibility?


Why is it so easy for some people to receive help; while others have such difficulty?  How is it that some can easily take new routes home with the same intensity as those who struggle with taking alternate routes?  Why is it so uncomfortable for one person to accept someone’s idea; while another receives ideas from others with gladness?  Why is it so hard to see someone else’s point of view?  Why is it so grueling for some of us to just say, “You’re right” and admit when we are wrong?  There are several key words that fit into the answer to these scenarios.  But one that fits into them all is flexibility.

What is flexibility?

Meriam-Webster defines flexible as:  “Capable of bending or being bent.  Easily changed; able to change or do different things.  Willing to change or try different things.  Yielding to influence  Characterized by a ready capability to adapt to new, different, or changing requirements.”  ….Have you ever found yourself in the mirror of flexible’s definition?  Do you find yourself somewhat within or “not quite but almost” in flexibility?  Or do you see yourself as the opposite of flexible?  If so, why?  Could it be that flexibility has its pros and its cons?

What are the pros of flexibility?

  • There are times when you need to bend for your own good:  Do you know anyone who refused to go to the doctor?  And when they finally went, the doctor told them that if they had waited another day, they wouldn’t be alive?  They needed to bend.  Or, have you ever remained adamant about not joining a study group or team?  And once you conceded,  you learned something that helped you ace your class, develop a successful business plan, or finalize an overdue project  image Perhaps you had to ask someone for a ride to work, and if you had missed the workday, you would’ve been terminated.  Or perhaps someone offered to drive you to see your loved ones.  Even though you didn’t really want to accept the ride, you were able to see your loved ones. The trip was filled with much needed rest, relaxation and revelation.  You also discovered the caring side of the person who offered the ride.


  • Being flexible helps in practical situations:  I was in conversation with a younger man the other day about a situation that he’s dealing with.  He said, “I have to focus on this single task, and I’m concerned that if I do something else, my task will become diluted.”  I said to him, “I’m  praying that The Lord helps you to learn how to multitask. Yes, you do need to focus on succeeding and reaching your goal; and I commend your diligence.  Yet you need food and shelter now.  It’s practical to do both.”  …..I gave him an example of a young lady who has a start-up company that is experiencing success.  She was financially strapped and was offered a job with a healthy salary.  She said to me, “This job pays well; but I don’t want to stop working towards growing my business.  What should I do?”  I said to her, “Why can’t you do both?  You need the job right now to pay your bills; but keep the company going.  Put yourself on a schedule. You can do it.”  My friends, flexibility speaks to practically.
  • Flexibility exposes pathways to new possibilities:  Sometimes you can become stuck in your sadness, or in a place of despondency.  You can even be stuck in a rut or at a place of refusing help and won’t allow others to bless you.  Your thoughts of new might be null and void.imageI received a phone call the other day from a very sweet young lady.  After she asked me questions about another subject she said, “Auntie, don’t you want to go to St. Louis?”   I said, “I’m okay?”  She said, “Auntie you know that you want to go to St. Louis.  Why won’t you let someone bless you?”   I said, “You called me to ask questions, now you’re fussing.”   We laughed, said our goodbyes and hung up.  A few days later, I allowed the young lady and my sons to purchase the ticket for the day after Christmas so that I could see about my Tee, who is dealing with some serious health problems.   …. But that’s not all.  While my cousins and I were at the front desk signing in at the senior citizen building where Tee lives, one of the residents in a motorized wheelchair had a beautiful sketch that caught my eye.  I said, “Ma’am that’s beautiful.  Did you draw that?”  She said, “No, but I have something to show you.”  I told her that I’d be right back.   …..After my cousins and I went to say, “Hi” to Tee, I went back to see the lady at the front desk.  She asked me if she could show me her drawings.  ….The experience was indescribable.  Ms. M. had beautiful sketches and paintings all over the walls. image I immediately started taking pictures with my phone and said, “Wow, this is wonderful.  Did you do these?”  She humbly said, “Yes,” and gave me the story behind her drawings.  I asked her if she does this professionally. She said, “No, I just draw.”  I told her about this blog and that I wanted to put her drawings in some of my posts.  She smiled, said, “ok,” and thanked me for all of the complements and told me how wonderful they made her feel.  This wonderful lady, who is a magnificent artist in a motorized wheelchair opened my eyes to hidden treasures in places least expected.  All it took was for me to see this expression of a natural gift from God to think of new possibilities from God. There are hidden gifts across the globe within God’s people; and all some of them need is for someone to acknowledge their wonderful gifts.  Praise God!

What are the cons of flexibility?

  • Being excessively flexible can cause trouble:  If you are so flexible until you just go with everything, it can impede your ability to decide.  Have you ever asked someone about several options and they were as equally satisfied with them all.  “Decide on one, why don’t you?”  This reminds me of James 1:8.  It says, “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”
  • Flexibility unchecked can cause too much stretching:  Overly stretched can cause burnout.
  • Sometimes being continually changeable doesn’t leave room for consistency:  Confusion brought about by continued change driven by flexibility can birth from Inconsistency.

Should you be open to the pros and cons of flexibility?

imageMy friends, my short answer is, “Yes!”   I believe that we all need to know the benefits of flexibility.  We also need to understand the cons of flexibility so that we can avoid fiascos.   What are your thoughts on this subject?



Thank you for joining me in these Monday moments of reflection.  My final questions:  “Are you flexible?  Are you willing to experience being stretched?   Do you see the pros and cons of flexibility?”  Join me in conversation  I’d love to hear from you.






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