Are You the Best Version of You?


Have you ever met anyone who tries to talk, walk, or act like others?  This is common among children.  Girls copy after their mothers, aunts, older sisters, cousins, favorite stars, or their peers. Boys often try to capture how cool their dads, uncles, grand fathers, older brothers, or pastors walk. Even some teens do this.  But it is an entirely different story when grown women and men pattern their behavior like other people.  Why do they do this?

Even though children imitate; at a certain age, we should know who we are.  This doesn’t negate our responsibility to come to Jesus as a child.  We all must humble ourselves as little children.  Being Christlike is how we live.  But imitating people is different.

Unless it’s for acting in a play or movie; there should be an age limit to imitating others.  I know you might be thinking, “Maturity doesn’t apply to an exact age.”  And I agree.  Yet, I believe, when adults try to act like other people; the reason is more than being an adolescent copycat.

So, what’s the cause?

Some years ago, one of the ladies at my church always tried to talk and act like our pastor’s wife.  Whenever this lady spoke, it was obvious that she wasn’t using her voice’s natural tone.   Her sound was so artificial; until it irritated many people; including me.  Though some people put her down; many of us felt sorry for this lady.  It was clear that she lacked her own identity.

Don’t get me wrong; we all know people who we think very highly of.  We admire how they articulate; the way they dress; and their business acumen.  We esteem preachers’ and teachers’ hermeneutic preciseness; psalmist’ melodic songs; and cooks’ delectable cuisine.  There’s nothing wrong with applauding others. 

Many of us look to others as measuring tools to help improve areas of our lives.  We listen to preachers, teachers and lecturers; to note how they structure their messages and lessons.  We even watch their methods of delivery.  Some of us watch chefs, painters, pianist and others to glean from their artistry.  After all; iron sharpens iron.

It’s also great to look at how others coordinate their outfits.  We use them as guides to dress professionally, pretty, or fly.  Especially women.  We all seek to enhance our vivacious look through watching others.  I’m certainly guilty of doing these things.

Don’t you agree that we learn from others?

But, it is something totally different when a grown person tries to act like another person.   …. The lady that we mentioned earlier had such an overpowering imitation, until I wanted to tell her,  “Why won’t you be you?”

People emulate others.  So what?!?

Perhaps people need to copy others’ mannerisms, to feel good about themselves.  If this is the case; it speaks volumes.  Do you see the problem here?  When we deny who we are, we fail to see how God has uniquely made us.

When you reach young adulthood; the journey to find YOU should ride in full bloom.  That especially holds true for persons past thirty-five.    Why is that not happening among so many of us?

Let’s look at the lady who copied another’s talk and mannerism. We don’t know her circumstances; but let’s assume she had many reasons to try to be someone else.  Think about it.  Her reasons might match those of many others who simply haven’t discovered the best version of themselves.  Maybe they are:

  • Driven by low self-esteem
  • Inundated with self-loathing
  • Unknowingly walking in idolatry
  • Unaware of who they are in God
  • Not in touch with their gifts and talents from God
  • Ingrained with defeating thoughts of themselves that stem from their youth
  • Feeling underclass due to family lineage, income level, or education

But, what’s the best version of you?

I asked my son Justin, “Are you the best version of you?”  He said, “Umm, that’s a good one.”  As I began to express my thoughts; he said, “Well one thing is that, I’m not in competition with anyone.  I’m concerned with improving me for me.”  That was great.  I said, “Right!  The only person I’m in competition with is me.  I try to outdo what I’ve done; so I can improve.  I’ve found that, as I journey through life; situations cause me to discover greater versions of who God has made of ME.”

So many things play a part in discovering your best version of you.  Trials, good times, family gatherings, loneliness, new opportunities, ministry, career, education, defeats, victories, fellowship,  being misunderstood, joyous moments, and a plethora of other things.  Even enjoying listening to birds chirping has a role.  If you get my point, think about experiences you’ve had that uncovered you to you,

Do you agree that your experiences push you closer to God?   I’m a witness to seeking God during or after defeat, loss, feeling stuck, victories, and new joys.  Through prayer; reading and meditating on God’s Word; and seeking to please Him; my relationship with God grows stronger,  Does your relationship with Jesus help you discover the best version of you?  Wow!  These questions prompt another question.

Why do you need to walk in the best version of you?

I believe, being the best version of you drives your confidence in who you are in God. This attribute, repels all darts from those who try to tear you down.  When you’re aware that God continues to upgrade you, it helps you be you.  It helps you walk in doing all things through Christ who strengthens you.  It helps you cast off subliminal accusations from those who are not where you are.  It discards pain from rejection, and being misunderstood.  Confidence in who you are in God, love, and discernment helps you to pray for unwitting attackers.  Oh yes; you can keep growing when you’re the best version of you.

My friends, what about you?  Are you the best version of you?  If not; please pray and ask God to show you the best version of you.  it’s extremely liberating.

It’s a blessing to know that you are experiencing the best version of you today.  And it’s wonderful to expect God to show you the new best version of you tomorrow.  We grow stronger in The Lord as we surrender to Him.  Our faith that we’re fearfully and wonderfully made increases as we experience God’s new mercies each morning.  It’s so liberating.

Thanks for joining me today  Tell me; “Are you the best version of you?”  I’d love to read your thoughts.  We’ll talk soon.




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