Can Feeling Stuck Help You?


Can you imagine being in the midst of successfully reaching multiple important goals; and at the same time; you feel stuck?  Are you working on a steady job; you’ve just been promoted; life is good; yet you still feel stuck?  Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur whose business is thriving; and stuck continuously pops up.  Maybe you are finally able to study for a certification or degree in a field that you’re passionate about.  Why does stuck keep sticking around?   Could that unwanted visitor really be a means of pushing you into your next.

But before we go there, let’s think about some things....

Do you agree that we all have felt stuck at one time or another in our lives?  Yes?  Then the follow-up question is:  “What do you do when you feel that way?”  I’d venture to say that it depends upon what area of your life you feel stuck in.

If you feel stuck in your career; have you stopped to think about where you need to go: or what you need to do?  On the other hand, iF you feel stuck in your ministry; how often do you go into your quiet place and pray to the Lord for direction?   Or maybe you  feel frozen in your personal life; period.  Do you deal; do you retreat; or do you stand firm and fight?

Feeling stuck can ignite your drive in various ways.

Perhaps you’re the one who shakes off stuck by just catapultIng into a project without talking to God or anyone else.  Perhaps you’re the type who looks forward to spontaneously reacting off of life’s daily twists and turns. Perhaps you go sit at the piano and let your fingers tickle the keys.  Or maybe you’re the one who likes to wait it out; and hope for something new to knock on your door.

Whatever course of action fits you; I’m guessing you agree that you must do something when you feel stuck.  Yet, it is my opinion that you should seek God for the “why,” and the “how,” when you feel cemented in an immovable place.

There are other ways to handle feeling stuck.

Sometimes we have to just turn off our cell phones; take a social media break, and say to ourselves, “Self, what’s going on with you?”  Then we need to pray; get quiet before the Lord; and listen for what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to us.  My friends, you may even find yourself wondering, “Could stuck be a form of God trying to get my attention?”  

Maybe so?

Feeling stuck is not fun at all.  As a matter of fact; sometimes it links with depression and anger.  When it hits; it can boomerang into multiple areas of your life.  I believe this is what I’ve experienced these past two weeks.  Just feeling stuck.  So the question is, “Why?”  I prayed about this and heard the Lord tell me, “Rochelle think back on what you experienced this year.”

The month of January.

January started off really well ministry wise.  The Lord blessed me to teach a midday Bible Study on the first Wednesday of the month.  On the second Sunday, God blessed me to preach in an 8:30 a.m. worship service.  Two persons in ministry asked if I would mentor them.  I have the awesome task of being Dean of Education at my church; and of teaching the ministerial staff; and men and women new to ministry.  I am also blessed to coach someone from behind the scenes with one of their ministry assignments.

The ministry opportunities God gives me are wonderful.  The first few weeks of this year, I felt like I was jumping out of the gate running full speed ahead.  Then BOOM!  Stuck said, “Hello!”

Even with the ministry assignments; along with preparing lessons for a Webinar; stuck is dwelling in my space.  Even after being unexpectedly blessed financially from someone who told me the Lord said for them to sow into my ministry; stuck is attacking my finances.  Even after receiving a phone call to minister in a Women’s Day worship service at a local church in February; stuck is still lingering.  Even with planning for a workshop in April and a conference in August, stuck is still singing loud; making noise.  Especially,  when it comes to this blog.  But, why?  What is really going on?

Multiple undercover instigators:

Sometimes anxiety creeps into what’s routine.  This past Saturday, I had to take a yearly test at Beaumont Hospital to make sure there is no brain bleed from the aneurysm.  Days before the test, my head started hurting really bad.  All of a sudden, a spirit of worry came in like a flood.  The test went well; relief came; yet stuck tagged along.

Perhaps my feeling stuck is from being back in physical therapy and feeling as if I’ve regressed physically.  Just maybe it’s hidden anxiety from wanting to get the book published and wanting the Webinar to bless God’s people.  Maybe it’s overload.   All I know now, as I finally write after two weeks, is that stuck is trying to park in mlane.  But is that such a bad thing?  Maybe God is trying to tell me something.

What about you?

How is God using stuck situations in your life  to get your attention?  What lessons is He teaching you when you’re feeling stuck.

Last week, God taught me a lot through a group text.  One of my cousins sent out a group text about her grand baby’s birthday.  Several of us responded on the group text extending our happy birthday wishes.  Well, another cousin texted; telling us that we need to learn about group texts.  She said, “Xoxo, it’s not my birthday.”  Another cousin responded to her and said, “Awww, poor baby!  U just jealous!  AND, yes I sent this one as a group on purpose just for you!”

I responded on the group text, addressing the one who said we need to learn about group texts.  I said, “___, some of us are well acquainted with group texts; and we are aware of who the birthday greeting is directed to.  Also, we know that it isn’t your birthday.  And group texts don’t bother me.  And some of us don’t have time to personally send a text and we just respond to the group text.  Personally, it doesn’t bother me.  So just maybe you should delete yourself off of the group text.  Wow!  Sometimes a happy moment can be turned into pure grouchiness.  So _____ again, tell your baby HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”

Uh oh!  Why did I do that?  My text set off a ticking time bomb!

The one who I directed the text to responded with sheer anger.  She sent a long text on the group text, blasting me and told me if I wanted to address her, to do it personally; not on a group text.  I didn’t respond.  But others in the group started sending me private texts; telling me to not pay her any attention.  I was good with that.  BUT, then she sent me a private text and cursed at me.  WHAT?  That sparked something in me. 

I copied her text and pasted it in parentheses on the group text.  The heading told them it was a copy and paste from a personal text I received from the one who sent it to me.  I followed it with, “Now this is from Rochelle Lea Lampkin.”  I told them that I love them, and said some other things as well; but without cursing.  Actually the entire situation was painfully funny.

Why did I do that?

She was fuming.  She sent a text telling me off AGAIN in the group text.  But this time she called me a FAKE REVEREND.  Among other accusations, she said that a title doesn’t make you righteous.  Those words sparked questions.  “She and I have never talked about my being in ministry.  What was the REAL reason she brought up me being in ministry?  Why was she so angry at my first response?”

Perhaps, her anger at my first response was driven by her feeling some kind of way about me being in ministry. Her response suggested that she has thought about it; or even discussed it.  My sharing what she said with the group woke up and uncovered a sleeping bull; or rather; an angry green-eyed monster.  Wow!

My friends, I guess you are wondering what that petty family squabble has to do with feeling stuck?  Well, plenty.

It speaks volumes to how being stuck can help.

That misunderstanding, no matter which one of us was wrong; taught me to be careful who I talk to when I feel stuck.  Perhaps God allowed me to walk right into a trap while feeling stuck; to remind me that I need to stop and pray before texting or sharing my thoughts,  He definitely reminded me that, “All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient.”  (Cf. 1 Cor. 6:13)

Also, even though I never had a curse word in my mind; I literally; as one of my cousins said, “Told her off Christian like.”  I need to resist triggers, and work on holding my peace; especially when I’m dealing with feeling stuck.

My friends, when you’re stuck; be careful and ask God to set a watch over your tongue. (Cf. Psalm 141:3)  Even though you may not curse; you may have a propensity to make someone feel stupid.  Sometimes, they deserve it; sometimes they don’t.

Stuck can actually be a good thing.

I’m in my year of elevation; and I thank God for allowing stuck to come my way at the Genesis of this new place.  It showed me that my words have the power to spark reactions.  It validated my voice; even on written text.   God used it to remind me that I need to always watch and pray.  I must surrender the undercover temper to the Lord.   I must apply the Word of God, and listen to the guiding of the Holy Spirit, in any given situation.  And most of all; I must have faith in God.  Being stuck also showed me the boldness God has given me.

My friends, help comes in different forms.  But think about it.  Feeling stuck can lead you to being frustrated enough to yield completely to God.  It will help you  see how God strengthens you to push past any warfare brought on by feeling cemented in an immovable place.  Once this happens; you can bust a move; start what’s in your heart to do; squash writer’s block; and break through any other wall or hindrance.  Praise God!

Thank you for joining me.  Here’s a closing question.  “Do you see how feeling stuck can help you?”  What are your thoughts?  We’ll talk soon.



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