Day 1: How Do You Remember God’s Personal Promises?


Well!  It is Countdown Day-1.  The last day of this adventurous 40-day journey is finally here.  I was expecting to have a thunderous celebration.  You know; the kind with fireworks, balloons, and. streamers.   Not literally; but, in the spirit.  But, how can that happen when puzzlement is punching holes in the balloons?  It’s clouding the big hoopla.

I guess you’re wondering, “What are you talking about, Rochelle?  What’s really going on?”

Have you ever been ecstatic about what was about to happen?  And at the same time, you felt a tug-of-war whirling in your emotions?  You were going, “Yaaaaaayyyy!”  And then, “Oooooohhhh!”  Back and forth; back and forth.

What?  Think about it.  Perhaps you went on a trip; and had an eventful time.  But, on the last day; even though you were ready to go home; you thought, “I’m going to miss this place.”

That’s how I’m feeling today.  For some reason; feelings of joy and perplexity are colliding.  What is this?  It’s not a sense of loss.  Nor is it heaviness.  But, what is it?

This reminds me of years ago; when I received a promotion on my job.  I was super excited about advancing into a leadership position.  Yet, I felt trepidation about the unknown.  “I’m going to miss you guys,” flooded my heart about my coworkers.  I didn’t know if my tears were from joy or pain.  What was it?  What is it?

There’s a method to the madness.

Over the years, I’ve come to realize; topsy-turvy feelings are a normal reaction to elevation.  The mind to go forward is there.  Yet a feeling of missing the routine of, ‘what was,’ lingers.  Temporary emptiness from what or who you leave dwells.  You may also deal with an overwhelming fear of the unknown.

For instance; many mothers have dealt with postpartum depression.  According to Mayo Clinic; a couple of causes for Postpartum Depression are:  You may be anxious about your ability to care for a newborn.  You may struggle with your sense of identity. 

But with all the warfare, the spirit of moving forward persists.   Can you relate?

FREEDOM may have warfare tagging along!   But FREEDOM prevails!

Picture this.  You’re on a 3-mile walk; carrying extremely heavy bags.  When you reach your destination; you hurriedly sit the weighty load down.  Think about it.  If this happens to you; how would you feel?  Relieved?  I’m sure you would.  Because; when the load drops; the strain from the poundage would be gone.  But, afterwards; even if it’s for a few minutes; you might have difficulty getting used to not carrying the weight.  That’s warfare.  Just keep going!

Perhaps you’re a mother who carried your baby full term.  When it’s time to deliver; most women experience excruciating labor pains and strenuous pushing.  I know I did.  But, no matter how hard the labor pains; excitement came afterwards.  Do you remember the unexplainable feeling of release you had as the baby came out?

Though this doesn’t diminish the joy of holding your precious baby;  there is tremendous relief.  No longer having the weight inside your belly is totally liberating.  This type of glee happens anytime a load you’ve carried is no longer in or on you.  So is the same when you’ve pushed forward and dropped the layers that hinder you.

A verse to an old hymn is on my heart. “I’m free. Praise the Lord, I’m free. No longer bound. No more chains holding me. My soul is resting. It’s such a blessing. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah, I’m free.”

What about the Countdown?  How did it effect you?

This journey has taught me a lot.  Layers that encumber your emotions and spirit are loads.  That’s why they need peeling back.  Once they become exposed, and expelled; a sense of freedom takes place.  Yet; the space where they once resided leaves a hint of unfamiliarity.  It’s only because you’re not used to this strange land.   I can attest to that warfare; it’s where I’m at, now.

Even so, with layers peeled back; an overwhelming feeling of freedom is here.  I’m so glad Ki suggested this shackle-exposing challenge.  …With that said; have you gotten to the core?  Yes?  But, first thing’s first.

Let’s back-peddle and start from Day-40; and see what popped out.  STOP!  Don’t click the release button!  Stay with me!  We’re not going to go through 40 days! 

Here’s a CHALLENGE for you!  

Below are some of the layers I peeled back during my journey:   How many can you relate to?  If it’s more than 3, think about going on your own 40-Day countdown to peel back layers.  Here we go…

  • Fear reigned
  • Lasting, layers of sadness; because of trials and tribulations
  • Feeling alone and abandoned; due to parents and siblings deceased.  (Household from childhood gone.)
  • Tired from pain
  • Grief camouflaged God’s promises
  • Pessimistic about my dreams ever materializing
  • Anxiety
  • Doubted God
  • Lost desire to play piano; of which have calmed me from childhood
  • Depressive thoughts
  • Loss of sense of purpose; even though I’m walking in it now
  • Heaviness
  • Regret of not realizing that years of pain meds would destroy Mika’s liver.
  • Regret of not pushing Mika to go to Mayo Clinic
  • Guilt of Mika not seeing after her health, because of having to take care of me when I had the aneurysm.
  • Concerned about deceased brother Bobby’s children
  • Pride.  Too proud to ask anyone for help; crying when I had to.
  • Not acknowledging I’m a leader
  • Not knowing I’m a winner
  • Spent too much time trying to figure out what I’ve done to HATERS
  • Spirit of rejection lurked
  • Forgot how God already blessed me
  • Not seeing where I am victorious
  • Not being comfortable with myself
  • Low self-esteem
  • Wearing a mask
  • Ugly ways
  • Not hearing the Lord speak to me in places other than church
  • Loss of expectation and confidence in God
  • Self-preservation; not depending on God
  • Unbelief
  • Not seeing what God is doing in my life
  • Having a “whatever” attitude
  • Forgot what God told me in young adulthood
  • Forgotten creativity
  • Stuck in routine
  • Did not realize I needed a revival in my life
  • Feeling bad due to so few friends
  • Loneliness
  • Reacting to attacks while teaching
  • Lack of confidence
  • Internalizing insults
  • Not seeing God’s favor on my life
  • Forgot the urgency to P.U.S.H. “Pray Until Something Happens!”
  • Overlooked the Power in the name of Jesus
  • Tried to please people
  • Needed to embrace, “You Do You!”
  • Forgot to laugh and engage in small talk
  • Allowed envious and ungodly competitive people to smother me
  • Forgot there are loving people with no agenda
  • Walls of fear, grief, and self-consciousness
  • Not realizing; I want happiness
  • Difficulty receiving compliments

Woo hoo!  I love this; laying aside weights!

My friends, did you say, “That’s me,” in any layers in the above list?  Yes?  Great!  Do you see the need to peel back layers; so you can get to your core?

The question is:  “Have I gotten to my Core?”  The answer:  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!

My core:  God has tried to get me to SEE how He loves me; He’s always with me; and He has anointed me.  He wants me to realize that He has taken me higher in Him; and moved me to a NEW place!  I see it Lord!   I’m there!  Thank you Lord!

Elevation is in knowing who you are in God.  –  I do!  Elevation is in seeing God’s personal promises to you; and living in expectation!  –  I do!  Elevation is in you diligently making disciples of all people groups for God; and helping God’s people.  –  I do!  Elevation is in you heeding to the call on your life; no matter what obstacles you face.  –  I do!  Elevation is in your number one priority being for God to get the glory out of your life.  –  It is!  Praise God! 

God’s promises are definitely in His Holy Word.  My pastor says that repeatedly.  I just needed to remember.  How do you remember God’s personal promises to you?   Go to church; read God’s Holy Word, pray, believe; and see God’s Word live in your life.  …The other night, I watched a show on TCT.  The guest said, “There are 7,437 promises in the Bible.”  I thought, “Wow!  I’ve got some intense digging to do.”

Again; I thank Ki for suggesting I take this challenge.  Peeling back those layers helped me get back my hunger to diligently search the scriptures.  Two of my favorites:  “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” Psalms‬ ‭119:105‬ ‭KJV‬‬.   Jesus said, “Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.” ‭‭John‬ ‭5:39‬ ‭KJV‬‬

My friends!  Okay!  Let’s do this!  Let’s Spring Beyond These Walls!  Let’s BLOOM!  EXPAND! DISCOVER! And EXPERIENCE!

Thank you for joining me today!  I’d love to hear about your journey.  We’ll talk soon!



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  1. Clifton says:

    Rochelle I thank God for you. This blessed me. I will be trying this. Love you so much. Keep allowing God to use you.

    • Rochelle L. says:

      Thank you Clif. I’m glad it blessed you. Yes, try the countdown. It’s a blessing to allow God to peel back layers. Thank you again. Love you!!

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