Day 11: How Do You Remember God’s Personal Promises?


Well!  It is Countdown Day-11.  What’s going on in the world that has your attention?  Is it the hate exuding from white supremacist groups?  Is it the black-on-black crime at epidemic proportions in the inner cities?  Is it the out of control police brutality?  Is it the unstable government; and threat of a Nuclear War?  We live in a day where a simultaneous push of buttons in various countries, could literally end the world.

With that being said; are we ready?

Are our hearts right?  If God allows the demise of this present world; are we Heaven ready?  If Jesus cracks the sky in the next 30 seconds; will Heaven be our home?  Are we ready?

AND, what are we doing?  Are we helping more black men become viable workers; business owners, and leaders in our societies?  Are we supporting and aiding white men who stand for equality?  Are we being our sisters’ keepers?  Are we backing women entrepreneurs?

Are we feeding the poor?  Are we helping defenseless children?  Are we visiting the elderly, and the widows?  Are we setting Godly examples for young people to pattern their lives after?  Are we willing to teach and learn from generations coming after us?

Have we learned contentment in whatever state we are in?  Have we repented for our sins; and forgiven those who have sinned against us?  Do we pray for persons who have unwarranted issues against us?  Are we going out into the highways and hedges; compelling people to come  to Jesus?  My friends are we ready; even when our hearts are aching?

I guess you can see, my thought today is, “Are you ready?”

I really hope I am ready.  This afternoon; it was thundering and lightening outside. My grandson said, “”Gaga!  I’m scared a tree might fall through your window.”  I told him, “Jordan, don’t worry.  That’s not going to happen.  At least I pray it doesn’t.”  But think about it.  If a disaster happens in your life; are you ready?

Again, I hope I am ready.  Especially as tears flood my heart…  I miss my precious daughter, Mika, so very much.  If she had lived; tomorrow, would have been her 37th birthday.  Grief is on overdrive today.  There’s a war going on in my spirit.  The enemy wants me to give up.  But, “No way!  I must be ready!”  When this old life is over; being ready to see Jesus is key.

Even if you ache from grief; stay ready.

The pain of losing a child is like no other pain I have ever known.  Losing my only daughter has taken a piece of me away.  The thing about this loss is, I can’t quite grasp what part of me is gone.  All I know is, I wake up each morning feeling incomplete.  Only God can fill this void; and I know He will  The question is;  “When Lord?  When?”

What happens along the way; is what matters.

Sometimes you and I travel through rocky storms.  But, we will get through whatever God allows; as long as God is with us.  That’s why you and I must stay in God’s Word; stay prayerful; and keep a praise on our lips.  God’s Word and praise help me make it through tumultuous times.

One of His many personal promises in His Holy Word says;  “When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.”  (Isaiah‬ ‭43:2‬ ‭KJV‬‬)  Praise God!  He’s with us in the storm.

Well my friends, thank you for joining me today.  I’m looking forward to Countdown Day-10.  We’ll talk soon.



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