Day 17: How Do You Remember God’s Personal Promises?


Well it is countdown Day-17.  Yesterday I cried; and I cried the day before.  Why?  So many reasons!  Though you’re thankful that your loved one is no longer in pain; it hurts that you will not see them again on earth.  The recent death of my dear brother in the Lord caused an epiphany.  Sudden pain comes with questions:  “Does pain leave?  Or does pain just hide in the shadows; waiting to pounce in and on you at a whim?”  I’ve learned; it’s the latter.

Even so, pain can help you to not stress over things that normally cause anxiety.

Yesterday morning, I watched The 700 Club.  They talked about the possibility of a war between the United States; and North Korea.  This has been a slight concern of mines for weeks; but yesterday, I did not care.  Why?  I’m mourning the passing away of my dear brother in The Lord.  I’m praying for families, like me and my sons.  We had to navigate through the unfamiliar place of living without Mika and Angie.  I’m thinking about being ready when Jesus returns.

Here’s a thought to myself:  “Someone might ridicule you for being so cavalier about the impending war.  Others might resent you for trying to do your best to stay in the Will of God.  But, who cares if anybody criticizes your way of thinking.  That’s you!”

The phrase today is, “You do you!”

Earlier yesterday evening, at 4:45 p.m., I watched the end of the Steve Harvey show.  His guest was Sinbad.  He talked about, being on a comedy show years ago; and everyone thought he was funny, except the big boss.  Per Sinbad; the late Redd Foxx pulled him to the side and said, “If you find something funny, do it.”  That’s an interesting statement; packed with boldness.  It really made me think.  Hence; “You do you!”

Can we talk?

Have you ever changed your mannerism to suit people you tried to impress?  You’re normally a quiet person; but someone with a loud boisterous voice mocked you.  What did you do?  Did you start talking in a tone unbecoming to your personality; just so you could fit in?  Have you ever listened to the critique of a supposed “authority” in something you’ve experienced success at doing?  Did you alter your delivery to fit their suggestion; or did you overlook their attempted persuasion?  How did it work out?  Did you feel uncomfortable?

Recently, I had to teach in an arena that was totally new to me.   Before the session started; someone pulled me to the side and gave me what they thought was good advice.  She said, “When you get up; you’re going to have to ‘HIT IT.’  You need to give the people something to talk about.”

What she was really saying is, “Your voice is too soft.  You’re too shy.  Get up and impress the people.”  I quietly said to the dear sister. “Thank you!  I’m going to teach what and how The Lord has given me to teach.”  And, I obeyed God.  As I spoke, The Lord allowed me to hear the voice of one of my mentors telling me to, “Talk louder.”  I increased my volume; taught the lesson; and God blessed me and the attendees.  Praise God!

What about you?

Perhaps someone advised you to do something contrary to how the Lord told you.  Did you stand firm in your conviction?  Yes?  Well, good for you.  But, I’m sure you dealt with inner conflict.  Did you experience little voices saying, “Now you’ve messed up.  They’ll think you’re rebellious.  You think you know everything.  No one can tell you anything?”  Yes?

Well, then; you need to spend time with the Lord in prayer; and prayerfully study the Holy Bible.  Examine yourself.  It is also a good idea for you to speak with your pastor about your warfare.   If you can relate; know the attack against, “You doing you!”  Godly, wise counsel always helps!

What’s wrong with you?  Can you say, “Nothing is wrong with me?”  So why don’t “You do you?”

My friends, it’s time to walk in, where God has called you.  Too many of us try to conform to fit in to what everyone else is doing.  We mull over comments made about our intellect, bubbly personality, quiet demeanor, drive for education, love for the Word of God, commitment to helping our leaders, etc., etc.  We listen to murmurs to the point, where we feel self-conscious about our uniqueness.

But think about Jesus.  He wasn’t like everybody else.  The Pharisees, Sadducees, and others murmured and accused Him.  Yet, He walked this earth in total confidence in God.  He stayed in prayer to God.  He fulfilled His assignment from God.  He revolutionized the world.  If Jesus; through His obedience to God; could live out the phrase, “You do you;” so can we.

But how does, “You doing you” help you remember God’s personal promises to you?

As for me, I have many journal entries of asking God to help me overcome fear.  When I hold to the thought, “You do you,” I’m realizing how God is helping me to, “Fear not.”  He’s answering prayers.  Praise God!

This reminds me of Stephanie B; one of my cousin/nieces. That girl is so bold; she will cut all of her hair off; then grow it back; or sew it in.  She’ll wear a natural look one week; and a slick, straight look the next.  I love it.  She’s in her 30’s.  It took me to reach my 50’s to finally be able to wear my hair in a natural look without caring what people think.  But, better late than never.  It’s never too late for, “You to do you!”

There’s a stanza to a song in my spirit.  If you know it, sing it with me.  “My God is big, so strong and mighty.  And his plans for me is; ‘Victory!  Victory!  Victory!'”

This journey is awesome.  The difference from Day-40 to today is wonderful.  Thanks again Ki, for your burden-driven suggestion; that I do this countdown.   I’m experiencing more and more layers being peeled back.  Unnecessary walls are falling.  I’m looking forward to countdown Day-16.

My friends, thank you for joining me today.  Here are a couple of questions to think about:   “Do you remember God’s personal promises to you?  Are you seeing your personal promises being fulfilled?”   We’ll talk soon.



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