Day 19: How Do You Remember God’s Personal Promises?


Well!  It is countdown Day-19!  Push is in the air.  Both as a word; and as an acronym.  “Push!”  Pray Until Something Happens!  The questions  are; “What is the ‘something’ that you want to happen?     Do you even know what you want to happen?”  Sometimes, we say, “Do it God!”  But do we know what “it” is that we want God to do?

As for me.  There are a number of things, I want to happen.  There are many things I want God to do.  So I pray; and I push.

Why?  For what?  For whom?

God will give you confirmations to let you know, you heard Him right.  Last night, after church, several people needed to talk.  I talked with each one; then I left to go home.

Three miles before reaching my exit; I looked in my purse for my house keys.  No keys!!  I called a couple of people to ask if they picked up my keys by mistake.  They said, “No!”  Then I called one of the deacons and asked if he would meet me at the church to look for my keys.  As I was driving back to the church, The Lord, uttered, “Rochelle, don’t panic.  Everything is okay!”

“Praying Until Something Happens,” pays off.

When situations like lost keys happen; worst case scenarios can enter your mind.  But, they don’t have to pan out.  Just pray.

The deacon and I looked in the sweet shop, Fellowship Hall, and in the sanctuary.  No keys.  “Don’t panic,” chimed in my spirit again.  Then the deacon looked in the guard’s station; and there they were.  Praise God!  I took my keys; he locked the church; and I drove home.

As I opened the door to step into the door; a FaceTime notification rang on my phone.  It was one of my sweet cousin/nieces.  She cried, teary-eyed, “Auntie, what are you doing?”  I said, “I’m opening the door to go in the house.”  She cried, “Just call me back.”  I saw her hurt; and said, “No!  What’s wrong?”  She whimpered, “Please pray!”

I asked her again, “What’s wrong?”  She briefly told me about the situation she was dealing with.  I prayed, and started talking to her and my other precious cousin/nieces.  They poured out their hearts.  I shared some testimonies; encouraged them, and prayerfully expressed my thoughts on their situation.  The three of us talked and laughed for more than an hour.   Before we hung up; I reminded them; “When you wake up in the morning don’t forget to say out loud:  “This is the day The Lord has made, I WILL rejoice and be glad in it!” (Psalm 118:24 NKJV)


Today, my cousin Belinda and I talked.  I told her about push and pray being heavy on my mind to write about today.  She mentioned some events that recently happened.  We both agreed; prayer is so essential.  The devil is busy trying to upset families; churches; and the people of God.  She had a mouthful to share.

Belinda said, “I want a great move in the church like never before; just like on the day of Pentecost in the early church.  Back then everyone was on one accord.  People trusted in God for everything.  People were added to the church daily.”

She passionately continued with, “I want to see the people of God come together.  Since we’ve started praying on the line, it has been a change for the better.  Hidden things are being uncovered.  Some people are still playing church.  They are wearing masks.  People are speaking, but their hearts are far from The Lord.  God tells us to cry loud and spare not.  We’re supposed to go to our brother and sister, and let them know when they are wrong.  You can’t hardly talk to people without them getting offended.  You’re trying to restore your brother and sister.  But they are taking it the wrong way.”

Wow!  What I heard in Belinda, was a  passionate plea for the body of Christ.  “We need to pray and love one another.”  There is so much envy, pride, competition, jealousy, rebellion, and people trying to pull each other down among the people of God.  That is not only happening in churches; but in families.  It’s time for the ecclesia to come together and be Holy Ghost filled witnesses of Jesus Christ to the world.  “This IS the “It” I want to happen.  That’s why we have to Pray Until Something Happens!  P.U.S.H.

My friends, what do you want to happen?

Do you want to see a wave of young people living for Jesus; and who are not afraid to share their faith?   Do you want to see Christian women come together and plan programs to help hurting women; without becoming angry with each other?  Do you want to see bridges gapped between Baby Boomers and Millennials?

Do you want to see your family saved; loving one another; and not fighting?  Do you want to see your children saved and successful?  Do you want to see your brothers and sisters in The Lord come together in unity to fight the kingdom of darkness?  Do you want to see fathers present in their sons’ and daughters’ lives?

Do you want to see more people helping the less fortunate; without expecting a payoff?  Do you want to see less materialism; less quests for power and titles; and more hunger for Jesus among Christians?  Do you want to see less poverty in the inner cities?  Do you want to see illiteracy reduced among your people?  I most certainly do!  Well let’s pray and believe God!

Saturday morning, I went to a community power brunch at my church.  A former state representative hosted the event.  The program was wonderful.  It added fuel to my consideration to move back into Detroit.  The diverse speakers were passionate about their stance on the condition and potential of the city.  They also gave solutions; and ideas to make improvements.  I left there with a thought, “Lord, what do you want me to do?”

Wow!  Martin Luther Kings’ speech, “I Have A Dream,” just came into my spirit.

Well, my friends, pray and push!  Pray until something happens!  Pray until God gives to you how you can do your part!  Pray until you hear what God is telling you what you must do!  Pray until God gives you a dream!  Pray until God plants into your spirit the details in fulfilling your dreams!  Pray until you step out and put feet to what’s weighing on your heart!  Pray until freedom rings!  Pray and thank God, until you see your prayers manifested!  Please pray!

Wow!  This entire post encapsulates a personal promise to me from God.  He keeps reminding me to pray, delight myself in Him; and watch Him give me the desires of my heart.  Praise God!

Thank you for joining me today!  This journey is rejuvenating.  I pray you’re peeling back layers and remembering God’s personal promises on your own journey.  I’m looking forward to countdown Day-18.  We’ll talk soon!



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