Day 23: How Do You Remember God’s Personal Promises?


Well it is countdown Day-23.  The last couple of days have brought a loud; “Thank you Jesus,” into my spirit.  Especially with what I dealt with yesterday; compared to what God blessed me to do today.  Yesterday, I dealt with an attack against my anointing to teach.  Today, the Lord blessed me to sing, share testimonials, and talk to residents at a convalescent home.  But, both days had valuable life lessons.

The more you gain victory in areas of your life; rejoice; but beware.

Unexpected darts come from multiple directions.  That is why, it is imperative that you stay prayerful; fast to crucify your flesh; and read the Holy Bible daily.  When you do this; you’ll avoid stepping into traps.

The enemy of your soul wants to put you to shame;  and he uses people.  But you have to stand on, “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.”  (Isaiah‬ ‭54:17‬ ‭KJV‬‬)

Let’s check out how a dart came; and if it could have been handled differently.

In a Biblical Studies class I taught; someone tried to openly prove me wrong.  This person challenged several things we mentioned from the text.  It was a systematic; bit by bit; build up.  But the volcano erupted when the person used scripture to erroneously come against Jesus’ ability and divinity.  To prevent the entire class from walking down the wrong path, I stepped in and theologically explained how the Holy Canon was originally written.  Then I gave scriptures that proved Jesus’ divinity.

To reiterate their point; this person asked me and the class to turn to a scripture; so they can prove their point against Jesus’ divinity; while He was on earth.  They read from a verse midway through a chapter.  I read the verse above where they came from; and let them know the verse they neglected to read speaks to Jesus’ divinity.

The person tried to prove me wrong; with a thought-provoking,  “if and then” statement.  In my opinion, it made absolutely no sense.  I wondered how in the world they came to that conclusion.  So, to not offend them, I quoted and explained a scripture that spoke to Jesus’ anointing; and another that spoke to His divinity.  It was my intention to help this person.

After a couple of back and forth interactions; I told the person to place their thought on a slip of paper; and we will get back to it.  I discerned a spirit of Apologetics.  But, we needed to move on and finish the discussion.

Why so much anger?

The person angrily blurted out, “Every time I try to give my answer; you stop me.”  In my “What????” tone; I said, “I detect anger.  Are you angry?”  They aggressively stated, with an intense facial expression; “No!”  I said, “Your face and tone shows your anger.  We’re going to start back using those forms so everyone can place their questions, thoughts and disagreements on it.  Then I will take a look at it and get back to you.  We all will also discuss the questions together at a different time.  Because, we need to move on.”

What was the lesson learned?

As a Bible instructor;  you need a keen spirit of discernment.  Sometimes people will try to put you to shame; so they can move their agenda.  You have to learn to graciously defuse a disruption in classes you teach.  If people you teach believe you do a classmate an injustice; their pity for that person may cause them to believe you have a personal problem with the person.  That hinders the classmates’ ability to understand the text; because, their mind is on how you mistreated the person.  This tends to cause people to agree with error; simply based on their emotions.

That is what happened.  The person sparked the class’ curiosity; then played the victim.  This ruse caused a couple of people to think I was picking on that person; just because they were right.  That’s psychological manipulation.  It’s a strategic spiritual attack.  I’ve seen it multiple times while studying for the Masters of Divinity.

But, my friends, if you are an instructor; you must address incorrect statements.  Your main concern is that you teach all the students correctly.  Don’t fret when someone thinks you’re wrong for how you handle the class you’re responsible to teach.  Just, obey the Holy Spirit; and do what you’re anointed to do.

The main lesson:

  • You must stay prayerful.
  • You must love; no matter what.
  • You must stay open to the possibility that someone might be correct; and you could be wrong.
  • You must pray to hear the cry behind a person’s anger.
  • When surprise attacks come your way multiple times in different settings within two weeks; they’re telling you something.
  • The enemy is angry with you.  Especially when you’re walking in the authority given to you by God.  You have to increase your prayer life and time of consecration.  You have to make sure you spend devotional time while studying the Bible.

Well!  What’s the word for today?

“Balance!”  Sometimes we think balance only applies to ministry and personal life.  But it also pertains to areas of ministry.  Today, at the convalescent home; when  we sang praises, and encouraged the residents to smile; it was very exhilarating.  It’s been a long time since I went to serve at a convalescent home with a team.

I periodically visit my great-aunt; who is in a nursing home.  I usually stay a couple of hours singing; laughing; and listening to her talk about scriptures.  We have a wonderful visit.  She’s my mother’s last living aunt.  I love her dearly.

But today was different.  Just to sing with elderly and young strangers; and give them hope from The Lord is so invigorating.  Hearing their thoughts and singing brought joy.  Seeing their sadness turn to smiles was wonderful.  It was a refreshing change from yesterday’s drain.

When we were leaving; one of the residents asked; “Are you all coming back next week?”  I smiled, called him by his name, and said, “We’re going to look into it.”  That was an hour and a half of pure joy.

A wonderful life lesson.  A remembrance of God’s personal promises.

As I drove home; the Lord said, “Rochelle, this is what YOU need.  ‘Balance!’  You need ‘Balance’ in ministry.  Your anointing to teach is in multiple forms; to diverse people groups.  Don’t limit yourself to persons in ministry.  You are called to lead PEOPLE to Christ; period!  Look at what happened today.

You taught the residents how to sing; though sadness is all around.  You taught them how to seek God even when they question His existence.  You taught them to hope when all things look hopeless.  You taught them with your testimony; and by letting them know; despite your losses; there’s a song in you.  You showed them how to; and led them through praise and worship!  By singing, “Thank you Lord!  Thank you Lord!  Thank you Lord!  I just want to thank you Lord!” you showed them your love for Jesus!  Keep going.  All you need is balance.”

Wow!  Thank you Jesus!  This is a different type of manifestation of God telling me to “Go!”  It’s a promise fulfilled.

My friends, thank you for joining me today.  Let me ask you some questions.  “When was the last time you had a life lesson?  Do you learn in both; negative and positive situations?  What about balance.  Do you have balance in your life?”

This journey is wonderful.  I’m looking forward to countdown Day-22.  We’ll talk soon.



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