Day 29: How Do You Remember God’s Personal Promises?


Well, it is countdown Day-29.  It has been a marvelous couple of days.   When I woke up yesterday morning; a Scripture came on my mind.  I heard, “And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you.”  (Joel 2:25KJV‬‬)  Wow!  The lasting thought on my mind yesterday was, and today is:  “Restoration is in process!”

The question is: “How do you associate, “Restoration is in process,” with “Promise?”

We’ve been in our jurisdictional convocation all week.  At the beginning of the week, I thought, “What’s the purpose?”  But, as the messages came forth this week; that thought passed.  “Restoration is in process,” lingered in my Spirit all week.”

Last night in service, the glory of The Lord filled the temple.  As the guest preacher spoke the Word; I thought of a service I was in over 20 years ago.  Tonight’s preacher was the same guest that night.

I remember The Spirit of the Lord filling the church so strong, until it felt like I was in Heaven glorifying God.  I was so caught up, until I didn’t think about where we were.  That’s how I felt last night.  God’s presence was in the house.      It has been a while since I did that type of focused basking in God’s glory.

When I got home last night,Restoration is in process,” bombarded my spirit.  I looked up Joel 2:25; meditated on that text a while; and quietly said, “Lord Is that what’s going on?  Am I in the midst of restoration?”  Then, the (b) clause of the text spoke to me.

I thought; “It doesn’t matter that the text says, “my great army which I sent among you.”  Nor does the reason God sent the army, matter at this point.  The main thing is; God said that He will restore unto you the years…  (This applies to me too.). The promise is in process.  Then I remembered I had typed, “Restoration is in process,” in my notes about 11 years ago.   Praise God!)

More questions from reading and meditating on Joel 2:25?

This text makes you wonder. “How many years were eaten away from your life?” The reason that question is on my mind is, because; I wonder what all God is going to do.  Also, “What areas of my life is restoration taking place?”  I guess it’s time for a life inspection.

My friends, can you relate?  Has God ever spoken into your spirit a general promise; like, “He’s going to bless you?”  Did you wonder what He was going to bless you with; or how and when He was going to do it?  Perhaps you have needs in multiple areas of your life; and your question is, “Where?”

Well, I guess these questions make you thankful optimism is still on the forefront of your thoughts from Day-30.  Especially today.  Optimism helps you see the process of restoration in the midst of your daily activities.  God gives you a revelation over here.  He reminds you of what He brought you out of; over there.  He causes you to do an introspection; and you take joy in multiple areas He’s working out on your behalf.

Take a day.  Start from morning to night; and see what God is doing in your moments.  

Today started with a Mission’s luncheon.  After we dined; and the speaker talked about Mission work; we prepared to go out and feed the homeless.  We made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches; and filled brown bags with the sandwiches, carrots, chips and cookies.  We drove to the Cass Corridor; got out of our cars; and handed out bags and beverages to the homeless.  We prayed, sang songs, and talked to them.  It was such a joy to help people in need; and to see their appreciation.  (Even those who pretended it didn’t matter to them.)

Three things really stuck out at me during our outing.  

  • A man was sitting on the curb listening to a love song from back in the day, on the radio.  It came on my mind that he had lost the love of his life; and his heart is broken.   I immediately started praying silently. 
  • A young man; who looked around my oldest son’s age (30 years-old); came up to us.  He was well groomed; but homeless.  He asked us for food and prayer.  We prayed for him.  Then I said, “Keep believing God for what you’ve prayed for.  My heart literally ached for that young man.
  • A woman sat under a tree on a crate.  A man sat on the ground as she French braided his hair.  I smiled and complemented her for the excellent job she was doing.  I thought, “Wow!  Some things are universally normal for people.  It doesn’t matter if they are homeless or not.”

Our jurisdictional Holy Convocation has been simply wonderful.  The saints have really come out this week; and the speakers all had a Word.  Attending the services, hearing the Word; fellowshipping with the saints;  and feeding the homeless really spoke to restoration for me.  I thought about the time when I didn’t have my own place to live; a car; or much food.  But God is restoring the years NOW!

Tonight, as I sit on my sofa thinking about what happened this week; and especially today; I say, “Thank you Lord.  I am experiencing restoration.  Thank you Lord for peeling back layers of frustration, and lack of appreciation.”  Now, I’m singing an old song, “Look where He brought me from.  Look where He brought me from.  He brought me out of darkness; into the marvelous light.  Look where he brought me from.”  

Well, my friends.  Thank you for joining me today.  I’m ecstatic about the promises discovered and layers peeled back; so far; in this 40-Day journey.  I’m so excited about what God is going to do in Day-28.  

The question remains.  “How do you remember God’s personal promises to YOU? We’ll talk soon.



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  1. Rachelle Morgan says:

    I love your words! So thankful for meeting you that hot summer day!

    • Rochelle L. says:

      Thank you Rachelle!! It was nice meeting you at WTPGA this summer. God bless you!!

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