Day 31: How Do You Remember God’s Personal Promises?


Well, it’s Day-31 of the countdown. Peeling back layers is not as tough as it was on Day-40.  But, it’s still a stretch.  Have you ever discovered things in you that were holding you back?  How did it feel?  Were you taken aback?  Did you cringe at the thought of your having ways you don’t like?  Yes?  I can relate.

Hold that thought.  Let’s make a quick diversion and talk about promises.  

I went to Kroger this morning to buy a few items.  As I walked in, I heard the Lord tell me some encouraging things about my finances.   Then I heard, “Promises are sometimes nuggets spoken into your spirit.  They don’t have to start with. ‘I promise you…’  God will drop what He plans to do for you, into your spirit, in an instant.”

That opened my spiritual receptors to the diversity of how and when God relays His promises.  His promises will hit you anywhere.  You could be reading His Word; sitting in church; at the doctor’s office; in a class room; writing at your table; or walking into a grocery store.  All you need is an ear to hear The Lord at ALL times. 

So let’s get back to peeling the layers.

What did you do, when you discovered things in you that were holding you back?  Did you run and try to hide from yourself?  Or were you so appreciative until you just cried, smiled, and told the Lord, “Thank you Lord for peeling back layers; and helping me discover the unmasked me?”  The latter is what I did.  Especially this morning, when I thought of a conversation I had last night before service.

During a friendly conversation, I was unexpectedly challenged to prove something I said.  This threw me for a loop.  When I attempted to clarify my statement, one of the ladies threw off about her view of what people who go to seminaries learn.  In my opinion, she insinuated that seminarians twist the Word of God to fit their view.  Then she asked me to say, what I quoted in one of the languages I mentioned to have  studied.  I guess she wanted to prove that I didn’t study Hebrew, Greek, French or Latin.  But why?  Maybe she took my explanation as bragging.  But why?

This took me by surprise.  I wasn’t sure how to take her remarks.  Was it directed at me for having a Master’s of Divinity?  If so, why?   I didn’t mention the degree.  Was it her thoughts about seminaries period?  …I smiled, told her, “Not now,” and went on to where I had to go.  As I sat, a thought to prove my original statement came in my spirit; and I sent them a communication.  No response, of course!

Later, at home, I thought about the conversation; and their double-teaming ambush.  Then the Lord said to me, “Rochelle, why do you care about what either of them think.  You’re used to people jumping at the opportunity to prove you wrong.  Don’t take it personal; or jump to conclusions.  Their responses could be how they’d react to anybody.  Your problem is that you care too much about what people think about YOU.  Take off the layer of having to prove yourself to people.  But remember, your gift of discernment is on point.  It is what it is!”

I need your help!

My friends, think about it.  Which way would you have taken the response in the above scenario?  Would you have taken it personal; or would you have assumed this is how they respond to anyone?  How would you have handled the remark about seminarians or the challenge to speak in a learned foreign language?  Would you have gone off?  Would you have let the throw off roll off your back like water on a freshly waxed car?

What are you learning in daily interactions? 

Wow!  As I think about yesterday’s brief interaction; a new discovery is here.   God is teaching me to shake off what the enemy has bound me with for too long.  That is; my being overly concerned about the opinions of people.  He has helped me to discern what’s behind certain smiles and superficial greetings.  He has reminded me to make my words few around people; but to keep my voice.  He has also advised me to look at myself; and make sure I don’t brag while trying to clarify situations.  

I love this journey.  Shackles are constantly falling in this 40-Day countdown.  Thank you Jesus for helping me to smile again!  No tears today!  I’m so looking forward to Day-30; remembering God’s personal promises; and peeling back layers.

My friends, thank you for joining me today.  The question remains, “How do you remember God’s personal promises to you?”  We’ll talk soon.



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