Day 33: How Do You Remember God’s Personal Promises?


Well, it’s Day-33 of the countdown.  At the risk of sounding wishy-washy; I woke up a little undecided today.  I was not sure if I should look in my journals for God’s personal promises; or just read my Bible to see what promises personally jumped out at me.  Then the thought came, “What about doing both?”

Discovering new personal promises through reading God’s Word, definitely will help you remember old ones.  Looking at old ones may lead to hearing new ones.  Let’s just start with reading the Word of God.

Great choices in the midst of busyness.

Have you ever decided to do something; but it seemed as though time wouldn’t  allow it?  Well there’s a work-around to most dilemmas.  All you need to do is pray.

If you determined to read your Bible early; but woke up too late; there’s an alternative.  Listen to the Bible now through audio; and read it later, once you’ve settled yourself.  That’s what I did this morning; and it was a great decision.

My dear sister in the Lord’s funeral was this morning.  I woke up late.  So, as I showered and dressed, I listened to the Gospel According to Mark on my phone.  It was very encouraging.  Hearing how Jesus spoke to His disciples; and of the miracles He performed squashed yesterday’s disappointment.

Words speak volumes.

At the funeral; after viewing the body, and hugging the family, I sat and quieted myself.  I was on program to pray the prayer of comfort.  I looked at the obituary.  It read,  “Homegoing Celebration for xoxo.”  Then it hit me.  “This is a celebration.  Celebrate what God has done for your dear sister in the Lord.  She left this earth to go to a better place; home.  No more pain.  Your tears are from you releasing the pain of missing your loved ones.  You are also feeling the bereaved family’s pain; and your own hurt from her death.  You know the pain of missing someone so dear.  Pray for comfort.  So, I wiped my eyes; went on up there to the pulpit; and prayed as the Holy Spirit lead.”

Faces speak volumes.

My seat was on the front row.  As I went to sit down, the Lord settled something that’s been troubling my spirit.  …There is someone who has issues with me.  How do I know.  I’ve noticed it through conversations.  Today, this person walked up; spoke to and hugged everyone sitting around me; and acted like they didn’t see me.  Who can miss someone as tall as I am?  STOP!  Stay with me; it didn’t upset me.  I’m using this petty situation to prove a point.

I’ve noticed it for some time now; and have spent wasted brain space trying to figure out what I’ve done.  Has that ever happened to you?  Or perhaps you’re the type who could care less about what others think about you.   …But, today, this person’s facial expression showed me more than dislike.  As I went to my seat; the Holy Spirit led me to look at the person.  I saw deep-seated anger.  That look spoke volumes.

When this person realized I noticed their look; they tried to hide it with a smile.  I smiled, sat down, and didn’t reciprocate the malice.  Praise God!!  That encounter was a blessing.  It helped me; and caused me to  think of what Jesus said in Luke 6:27,  “But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you,” (KJV).  YES LORD!

My friends, do me a favor!  Please do not ever spend wasted time wondering why people dislike you.  Even when it’s someone you’ve known for years; and their ill-feelings came as a complete surprise.  You have too much to do, to sit around trying to figure out reasons for people’s averse thoughts towards you.  Especially when you’re anointed.  MAKE NO EXCUSES FOR BEING ANOINTED!  When God shows you what’s underneath a mask; just pray; love them; and keep it moving.

Tell me, do you see layers peeling off from taking this 40-Day countdown journey?  

I do.  It’s very liberating to shake off insignificant frustration from people not liking you.  As I write this post, several  faces are flashing across my mind.  Before today; knowing certain people didn’t like me exacerbated my pain from my only daughter’s death.  She was my friend; my ride-or-die.  When others didn’t like me; I always had my daughter.

But now, I realize, the spirit of rejection has lurked in the shadows; causing me to  feel bad when people didn’t like me.   Rejection will remind you that your daddy treated you bad.  Rejection will bring up how your ex physically abused you.  Rejection will bring up your childhood; and remind you of how classmates ostracized you for being the teacher’s pet.  But now; that monster “rejection” has lost its foothold.  Who cares?  They didn’t like Jesus!

This time of peeling back layers has purpose.  This 40-Day countdown has me striving to draw closer to God; and truly loving everyone.  It’s a season of God pruning me, stripping me, and imparting into me; and I love it.  It has me willing to share areas where I’m “Springing Beyond These Walls!”

Everybody don’t understand your pain.

Somebody stated that people need to just move on to their next.  Well!  If you haven’t been through what some people have gone through; you wouldn’t know how difficult it is for them.  That’s why I dare not minimize other’s pain.  

It’s not like everyone is trying to hold on to pain.  Some people try their best to shake it off.  They just take the wrong route.  Some people walk away from God.  Some become alcoholics; weed heads; crack addicts; pill poppers; or heroin abusers.  Others fall deep into promiscuity or depression; and no one knows.  That’s why my heart cries for people entrapped in vices and wrong doing.  So much prayer is needed.

This all leads me back to thanking God for the promises in His Word.  

Isaiah 26:3 says, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.” (KJV‬‬)  I’m so thankful for grief and people’s dislike, pushing me to the Word.  God’s personal promise of perfect peace is manifesting in my life, daily.  It makes me continue to keep my mind stayed on The Lord.

Wow!  This countdown is marvelous.  I’m laughing again; and looking forward to Day-32.

Thank you for joining me today. The question remains, “Do you remember God’s personal promises to you?”  We’ll talk soon.



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