Day 34: How Do You Remember God’s Personal Promises?


Well!  It’s Day-34 of the countdown. So far, remembering God’s personal promises has gone well.  Yet, peeling back layers is a bit tough.  Areas in my life where I’ve settled are being exposed; and that’s not the easiest pill to swallow.  But, I’m grateful for the discovery.  It’s like cleaning out a cluttered walk-in closet.  You find pieces that you forgot you had; and other pieces that you need to part with.

Today was full.  After teaching a ministerial staff class; attending morning service; going to the funeral home; and to another church for opening day of our jurisdictional Holy Convocation; I am exhausted.   The guess speaker at our church brought forth an encouraging word this morning.  His subject was, “We Win.”  The discussion from Joshua 10:25, gave me an epiphany.  God’s personal promises to me, are also in His Holy Word.  I left church feeling like a winner.

Why the change from being encouraged?

Now, as I sit on my sofa half listening to the television; tears are here.  Why?  I believe it’s from going to the funeral home where 14 months ago, my sister Angie lay in a casket.  Perhaps it was from seeing my daughter lay in a casket 3 years ago in that same room.  I do know it was from seeing my dear sister in the Lord in a casket today; dead.

Lord, my heart aches for her family. Especially for her mother.  I know the pain of a mother sitting in that room; greeting well-wishers; while your daughter is in a casket.  My heart aches for her son and my grandson.  These fellas; one a young man; and the other a boy.  They both lost their moms.  I know the pain of losing your mom.  My heart aches for her siblings and my sons.  They all lost their siblings.  I know the pain of losing siblings.   My eyes DO cry today.  Help Lord!  

When I started writing this post early this morning; I was so ready to discover new personal promises.  I looked forward to shaking the dust off of my filed away promises; and believing God for their manifestation.  I wrote: “Oh yes!  It’s time to get this party started.”  What a difference 16 hours make.

The enemy takes advantage of your grief.

Right now, I’m so disappointed.  Memories of unanswered prayers about life, and my daughter keep pulling at my mind.  The spirit of giving up is swarming in the atmosphere.  I’m struggling to get back pumped up about the message I heard earlier, “We win.”  My heart is screaming in the midst, wanting to grasp joy; and drop this pain.

Can you relate.  Do you ever want to feel like, “You Win,” yet; it’s a struggle?  Do you find that you’ve given up in areas of your life because of losses and delayed promise fruition?  What do you do?  Waddle in defeat, or trust God through the rough terrain?  Despite the disappointment; I choose to trust God, and press on.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!  It’s time to fight for peace.

My friend, you and I must never give up.  It’s time to declare war.  Today is Sunday. It’s the Lord’s day. I refuse to allow grief and disappointment to snatch the Word I heard today; out of my spirit.  I’ve had ENOUGH of this nonsense.  The Word sown in my life today, fell on good ground.  Oh, yes it did!  It wasn’t stoney ground.   So, I’m peeling back the layer of lack of trust.  I’m believing and trusting God with my whole heart.

Do you believe God’s Word?  I do!  If you do; are you willing to tap into God’s personal promises to you that are in His Word?  Are you determined to have peace.

Jesus said in John 14:27, “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”  (KJV‬‬)  Since Jesus left His peace with you; why not take hold of it; and walk in it?  Let’s do this!

Thank you for joining me today.  It is my prayer that Day-33 will flood us with discovering God’s personal promise; and with joy.

I’ll leave you with this question. “How do you remember God’s personal promises to YOU?”




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