Day 35: How Do You Remember God’s Personal Promises?


Well!  It’s day 35 of the countdown. This journey is freeing and filling.  I know that statement seems like an oxymoron; but it’s real.  Have you ever been relieved of junky, cluttered filled situations; while at the same time, you gain new insights?  That’s what’s happening now.  It’s a great thing.

But, how do you gain new insights when you are trying to remember?  Perhaps you are one who journals.  If so, sometimes you have to pull out your old journals and read them.  Perusing thoughts of old doesn’t mean you go park in the past.  Reading your written mindset of the past helps you to come across unrealized personal promises from God that you have forgotten.  It sparks your hope.

Let’s take a look.  

Early yesterday morning, as I tried to remember personal promises; so many current situations crossed my mind.  I drew a blank.  Then the thought to look at an old journal came.  I opened one of my journals, and turned to an entry from over four years ago.  This is a journal full of extremely private entries.  But, in my commitment to share this journey with you; and to remember personal promises; I’m willing to divulge an entry.  Not to dwell on the detail; but to see a promise in the midst.

Can I share it with you?  Yes?  Okay!  Here it is….

One of my journal entries from February 2013 reads, “Thus saith the Lord, ‘Rochelle, you are a leader.  That is why women and men seek you for advice; and for answers to Biblical questions.   Your leader respects you as a theologian; others also see you as a teacher.  These are all confirmations; as your gift makes room for you.  Go Rochelle; ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.'”   Wow!  That Word from The Lord is an imperative.  It is a command.

But, do you see the promise in the command?

Think about it.  There is a command to “Go” in that entry.  When you receive commands; they come with more than assumptions.  The one who gives them knows the recipient is able to fulfill them.   If that’s the case; what I see is a personal promise in the midst.  In other words, the issuer is telling the recipient; “You are able to do your part.  Just do your part; and a certain thing will occur.”  So, in the promise I mentioned above; all I have to do is “Go.” 

My friends, that lets us know, that some of our promises are in the wings waiting on us to do what God has told us to do. Tell me.  What commands have you received from God; and all you need to do is your part?  Do you need to just “Go?”  Do you need to take a leap of faith?  Do you need to trust God?

Your personal promises might peep out anywhere.

Your promise might be at the university you’ve put off applying to.  That appointment you finally make might have your promise.  Those daily jogs or walks may hold your promises.  Taking the step to send that manuscript to publishers could unleash your promise.  You could definitely press your way to the House of God and hear the answer to a problem.  That’s a promise.  A phone call you’ve avoided making could hold your promise.

My friends, don’t think I’m just throwing things at you.  I’m talking to myself in some of the above scenarios.  I know in my heart; God has so many more personal promises for us to look forward to their manifestation.  Let’s press to remember.  Let’s press and expect.  

Wow!  This journey is refreshing.  I’m looking forward to new discoveries of God’s personal promises in countdown day 34.  I pray you are realizing your personal promises from God along with me.

The scripture that comes to my heart this morning is Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you and expected end.” Praise God!

Thank you for joining me today.  I’ll leave you with this question. “How do you remember God’s personal promises to YOU?”  We’ll talk soon.



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