Day 38: How Do You Remember God’s Personal Promises?


Well it’s day 38 of the countdown  It has mixed emotions and new epiphanies in it.  Remembering God’s personal promises is so needed.  Especially yesterday.  When I woke up yesterday morning, anxiety hit me hard.

Has that ever happened to you?  Have you ever experienced extreme uneasiness when you first woke up?   Did it rush in before your head left the pillow?  Yes?  Isn’t it an overwhelming feeling?  It’s something that has the propensity to ruin your entire day.  But, you shouldn’t let it.

That’s how I felt when my grandson came into my room and woke me up.  Extreme worry met me as if it said, “HELLO!  GOOD MORNING!”  I made sure Jordan didn’t detect the Ill feeling that was attacking me.  I just said, “Good morning,” talked cheerfully; and carried on.

But that pest; anxiety;  followed me into the shower; to the kitchen; and even in the car, as I drove my grandson to camp.  It felt like an annoying invisible side kick, who just wouldn’t leave me alone.  That caused my automatic fight to jumpstart.  “Oh no devil, not today.”   I prayed inwardly, and began my, “What is this?” 

Searching for why often helps!

This type of worry is very daunting.  At first, I thought the cause was from my dreams the night before; or from my subconscious concern about a past due bill.  But, after I called and made arrangements to pay the bill; the Lord reminded me of a promise.  He told me years ago, that I would never be evicted again; nor would any of my utilities be shut off.  So I stand on God’s promise.

Wow!  I’m remembering promises.  Even though they intertwine between storms, attacks, and escapes; they are resurfacing.  That’s such a good thing.  So why was I feeling worried?  Could it have been from undercover fear?  What was really going on?

What was the true reason for yesterday’s anxiety?

Maybe it was from the news I heard at church Sunday night.  Someone dear to my heart is very sick.  I’ve prayed for her since I found out about her condition.  Now it is time to believe God still answers prayers; and that He still performs miracles.

I guess you are wondering why I’m saying, “It’s time to believe God.  I should already believe God.”   Well, my friend, you’re right.  I do believe God.  Yet, sometimes situations pop up to remind you of your areas of doubt.

Sometimes pain causes you to remember.

Have you ever felt other people’s pain; and it caused you to remember what God can do?   Even though you experienced a tremendous loss; and went through a period of doubt; you still believe God.  Especially when you share pain with a family that is special to you.

When this happens, does your faith kick in and go into overdrive?  That’s where mines has been since yesterday morning.  Though, the enemy is whispering; there is absolutely no room for doubt.  I am believing God to do a miracle for my dear sister in the Lord.

Yesterday, as I sat at the table, writing on this post; my phone rang.  I heard a tearful, “Hi Aunty!”  I felt her pain.  We talked briefly.  I said, “I’m praying sweetie.  I can’t come to the hospital.  But, God is able.   If you need me to see about the baby, I will.”  She said, “I know Aunty.  Love you!  I’ll call you!”

When I hung up, an eye opener dropped into my spirit.  I heard, “Rochelle, you are an Intercessor.  The sadness, worry and gloom you are feeling is due to the pain of the young lady and her family.”  Then I started strategically praying for the family.  I also began praising God in advance for raising my sister in the Lord up; and for helping her family.  I’m still believing today.

What else?

I received a phone call yesterday from someone who shared his joy of an anticipated visit with his son.  As he talked, he kept mentioning a curse word he took off of Social Media the day before; at my suggestion.  He must have said it at least five times.

I calmly said, “You do not have to keep saying the curse word; just to let me know you deleted your post.  Please respect my walk with God.”  But, he disregarded my request, and laughingly kept saying the word.  I knew it was the enemy of my soul using this guy to vex me.  So I politely said, “Bye,” and hung up.

That encounter caused me to remember something key.  God told me years ago to cut people out of my life, who would not respect that I live my life serving God.  He promised to bless me with Godly people in my life, who love Jesus; which he has done.  Praise God!

Letting go of certain people; losing loved ones; and so-called friends turning their backs brought extreme loneliness.  But, yesterday’s encounter helped me remember another personal promise.   I’m blessed with strength in the Lord; despite the pain I went through.  I’m blessed to have Godly brothers and sisters in the Lord.  I’m blessed to no longer NEED an audience with persons who do not respect my love for Jesus; or the God I serve.  I’m blessed to enjoy my company.

My friends, what about you?  What things are happening in your life that help you remember your personal promises?  What needed improvements and good things about yourself are you discovering?  What is making you SMILE?

Wow!  This 38th day of the countdown of remembering God’s personal promises is shining with hope.  I feel like playing, “Swans on the Lake,” on the keyboard.   I’m looking forward to-day 37.  The countdown continues.

Thank you for joining me today.  If you are doing your personal countdown; I pray that God is blessing you to, “Bloom!  Expand!  Discover!  Experience!”

We’ll talk soon.  Love you!



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