Day 39: How Do You Remember God’s Personal Promises?


I guess by now, you’ve concluded that the 40-day countdown doesn’t mean 40 straight days.  Well, even if that is the case; and there is a space of 2, 3, 4, or more days between posts; stay with me. Because, the countdown is still happening.  Actually, it’s working already; and it’s only day 39.

Glimpses have begun.

We often look for major changes or great epiphanies when expecting something from God.  But, I’m finding that God will  sometimes do things in bits and pieces.  That is a great thing; because the discovery is so exciting.

The day after the Day-40 countdown began, I drove through a neighborhood near my home; and a beautiful house caught my eye.  I Immediately said to myself (or rather; to The Lord), “I want a house like that one,”  Then pessimism interrupted my hopeful thought with, “Rochelle, it’s too late. Your children are all grown up.”

The reason behind that thought was due to my wanting a nice house for my children when they were young. It has been almost 30 years since I owned my home. Tamika was 7 years old at that time; Justin was less than a year old; and Melvin wasn’t born yet.  Now if you count my saving my parents’ home on Webb from being taken due to taxes; it has been 20 years since I owned a home.  That’s a long time.  Long enough for my dream to fade.

But I thank God for the Holy Spirit.  He dropped the antithesis to that pessimistic thought into my spirit.  I heard, “Rochelle, you can still have the house you wanted when your children were young.  Just because they are grown, doesn’t mean you have to drop the wish.  You thought the desire for another house was just what you wanted for your children.  Girl, you are sadly mistaken.  Rochelle; that wish was for you too.  You wanted a new house for Rochelle.  Now all you have to do is change your dream.”  Wow!  Modify my dream?

My friends, perhaps you are thinking, “That’s a great thought. But, what does remembering one of your desires have to do with remembering God’s personal promises to you?”  I can relate.  But think about it.  A personal promise from God just might be the driving force to your dream.  What am I saying?

Here’s an example.

I couple of days ago; while I was sitting on the platform in a day service at the COGIC International AIM Convention’s Mission and Evangelism Convention; I had an epiphany.  At the time; someone was giving announcements.  I sat there feeling uncomfortable, praying, and waiting for them to put the speaker up.  As I looked into the crowd; a dream I had some years ago came on my mind.

The dream….

“I was in a room praying for my family, leaders, church and others.  Someone came and got me to come out front.  When I walked out there, A lady asked me to intercede.   It was a forum similar to the one I was at the other day.  There were thousands of people in the building.  Some familiar people were there.   Sisters I had just met were standing around.  I was feeling uncomfortable and concerned about the cameras.”   Now as I sat there I was literally sitting in my dream; interceding, and surrounded by complete strangers. I was also thinking about the phones and iPads aimed in our direction.  Wow!

A dream and a prophecy came to past…

As I sat on that stage, the Women’s Empowerment Session I facilitated the day before came on my mind.  I thought about how invigorating it was to help those ladies; and how joyful it was to talk with several of them after the session.  Then, the Lord brought to my attention, a prophecy spoken to me some years ago.  Here’s an abbreviated version of the prophecy.

At the end of a day service at my church; Prophetess xoxo spoke quietly in my ear.  She said, “Woman of God, the ministry you’re doing now is only a preview of the ministry God has for you to do.”  Now that I think about it; that prophecy’s manifestation started in December last year; and is continuing now.

Whenever you go to the movies; the previews are short; shorter than the real deal.  Wow!  The real deal is here.  God made me a promise through Prophetess xoxo.

God is not just showing personal promises He made; but they’re happening.  Thank you Jesus.  Now, I’m on a journey to remember more of God’s personal promises.

My friend, what about you?  What personal promises from God, do you remember?  Did He tell you about your peace; relationships; finances; career; family; ministry?  Perhaps He promised you something so ginormous until you doubted it was from God.  Maybe doubt caused you to lose sight of God’s promises.  Maybe, you have tried and tried to remember; and you are coming up on empty. 

Well; if you’re still trying to recollect what God told you; pray; ask God to help you.  Who knows.  He may have made you some promises already; and even answered some of them.  Think about it

Perhaps you’re in the midst of a promise now.  Maybe your current situation is clouding your thoughts.  God could be actively working on one of your promises at this very minute.

Pray, my friend; please pray.  Ask God to help you see and hear.  Be attentive to small progressions.  And remember; the Holy Ghost is able; and will bring all things to your remembrance.

I’m so excited about day 38.  Even though, I miss my precious daughter; I’m still looking forward to remembering more of God’s personal promises to me.  A promise He made in His Word is in Isaiah 26:3.  “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee; because he trusteth in thee.”   I trust you Lord!

My friends, thank you for joining me today.  We will talk soon




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