Do You Know What Season You Are In?


Life is cyclical.  As long as we live, every one of us will journey through diverse seasons.  There are seasons of snow, rain, sunshine, heat, drought, overflow, day, night and many more.  In order for us to live victoriously, we must recognize the season that we are in.  However, some of us don’t always find it easy to detect what season we are in.  And that’s understandable.  Because, there are so many questions that come when we try to find our season.  Just to name a few….  Where are the evidences of the seasons?  Could we be in multiple season’s simultaneously?  What is the purpose of our seasons?

Certain seasons change in stages.  During these stages, the climate doesn’t always match the season.  At the beginning of Autumn, some of the days are as warm as in the Summer.  Yet the nights are cooler.  The colors of leaves begin to change also.   …These infant stages of seasonal changes in plant life can compare to the genesis of our new season.  When our seasons begin to change, things change in us.  We begin to see and view snippets of situations differently.  What used to bother us no longer phases us.  Those who have a tendency to worry don’t worry as often.  Pessimists begin to think more optimistically.  Doubters begin to grow in faith.  The fearful begin to walk courageously.  The sorrowful begin to experience joy.  The hopeless begin to have glimpses of hope.  The stagnant begin to move forward.  The faithful begin to see opportunities to increase in faith.


Just as some trees change on the outside as a result of environmental circumstances such as the weather and length of days; there are also inside workings within these living organisms.  So is the same with us. Our situations cause us to look inside, pray to God and let Him work in us.  And soon, Just like the leaves start to fall off trees unto the ground, and trees adjust in the new season and prepare for the next season, some things begin to fall from us.  Resilience and change takes place in us.    …During this time of transition, the question is, “Do you know what season you are in?”

Are you in:

A season of abundance? – A time of acquiring bountiful material possessions, finances, understanding, joy, peace, contentment, revelations.  …A season of seclusion?  – A time of isolation, developing a deeper relationship with God; hearing from God; receiving instructions from God; allowing Him to chart your course.  …A season of reflection?  –  A time of looking at your self, your actions, your ways, your strengths, your weaknesses, areas ripe for improvement.  …A season of shedding and purging? –  A time of letting go of bad habits, unproductive ways, unproductive situations, not forgiving, grudges, wrong thinking.   …A season of going through the process?  …A season of renovation?  –  A time of getting out of the slave and dat-a-do mentality; and elevating your thoughts; stretching your vision.  A time of experiencing lack, and strengthening your faith in God as your supplier.  …A season of crossroads and transitioning?  –  A time of making decisions.  A time of recognizing God shaking you to shift and transition to a new place in Him.    A season of choice?  – A time of walking in the path of God at all cost.

A season of seeking the place where God wants you;; regardless of and even within a position, title and status?  –  A time that you no longer dwell in the “idea” of anything, but in pleasing God.  – A time of humbling yourself under the mighty hand of God.

A season of resting in Jesus from the over abundance of the enemy’s attacks?  A season of contentment?  –  I heard my leader say, “Being content doesn’t mean you like junk.  It means you understand where you are.”

Are you in:

A season of discovery? –   A time when you see God performing His Word in you.  Especially when you realize that when it feels like you are near the end; it is only a shadow.  You realize that you might be in the fire, but the fire will not consume you.  You truly believe that God will come through no matter how difficult the trial.    A time of reflection.  Think about Solomon in Eccl. 2:11 – 24; 12:13, 14.  Solomon reflected on all of his accomplishments and realized they were vanity in comparison to the immutability of God.  A time when we realize that our primary duty is to obey and fear God.  A time when you just know that God is there, no matter what situation you are in.  A time of realizing that “You’re In Too Deep” to quit serving God.  A time when you know who “You” are in God.  A time when you have discovered your gifts, talents and creativity.  You have allowed Jesus to introduce you to YOU; and you realize how special you are to God.  You’ve  uncovered the way of being the person God created you as.  You no longer deal in the level of other people’s smallness.  You have realized that you have allowed contentment to become a wall and you are now hiding in contentment.  But you have now awakened and allowed people in and have a begun to compel others to come to Christ. winter_landscape_desktop_backgrounds_free

A season of walking in your purpose?  You have discovered your uniqueness and that seasons affect everyone differently.

A season of recovery and elevation?  A season of perseverance?  –  Jeremiah dealt with some rigid seasons.  Jeremiah wanted to give up; but the Word was like fire shut up in his bones. (Jeremiah 20:9)  What’s in you, pushing; burning to spring forth.

…But, how can you recognize that you are in a new season and are walking in your purpose?  A month or so ago, as I was driving in my car, the Spirit of the Lord said to me, “Rochelle, you are in a new season.  You’re in it NOW!”  …And that’s it.  I pondered that Word from the Lord for a couple of days.  I wondered, “What season?”  With me being what some have often labeled as the over-thinker that I am, I thought, “In order to know what season I am in now, I need to know what season I came out of.”    The Spirit of the Lord told me, “Rochelle, think about it.  Though you miss your daughter, you have truly accepted my Will in her death and your life.  You no longer feel abandoned by me.  You no longer worry about your finances.  Your faith has grown.  You no longer allow the opinions of others to drive your decisions.  You no longer look at the negative side of situations first.  You know who you are.  You have regained your determination and you now focus on your assignments.”

I also thought of a time of writing for a women’s workshop, and identifying walking in my purpose of midwife; helping others birth out their destiny assignments.  Also preaching, teaching, mentoring, evangelizing, tutoring, training others to further the Kingdom; and being a leader that champions other people’s growth.  My question for the Lord, “Though I have walked in these assignments for years; what season am I in while walking in my purpose?”  Sometimes we can exist and just do what we do for God; but never give thought to where we really are in God.  Well, my friends, today I can say with assurance that I am in Seasons of Discovery, Renovation, Restoration, Resting in Jesus and Walking in Purpose on Purpose; all simultaneously.   And, it is wonderful giving God glory in these challenging and enlightening seasons.



Now!  Back to you!  Can you say what season(s) you are in?  Is it:  Recovery?  Discovery?  Restoration?  Abundance?  Contentment?  Seclusion?  Reflection?  Shedding and Purging?  Going through the process?  Resting in Jesus?  Renovation?  Strengthening your relationships?  Crossroads and transitioning?  Choice?  Etc., etc.?

Just like on our jobs, in our personal businesses, in our ministries, in our personal lives and even with electronic devises, apps, etc.; there are promotions or upgrades.  The upgrades involve new positions, new responsibilities, new obligations, bug fixes and enhancements.   Just like Autumn sometimes looks like Summer, dependent upon the temperature outside, the leaves on the trees change colors and in some places like, Michigan, the nights become cooler.  Those of us who are in new seasons see changes in ourselves.  When our seasons change, we not only shed things, but we put on new things.  Even though the seasons will come, the operative word is change.  This brings light to one of my favorite scriptures:  “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.”  Genesis 8:22 (KJV)

With this, questions yet linger.  What new things have you discovered in these seasons of change?  Do you have to embrace the current season you are in?  Yes and no?  Yes that it is actually happening.  …The questions in the yes are:  Why are you where you are?   What life lesson stands out to you in this season?    …The only time that I see no as the answer, is when it is a season of depression, self-pity or anything negative.  In these instances; recognize the season, own that it is actually happening.  But, don’t embrace it.   Urgently decide to move forward, walk and learn through it with the help of God; and look for and keep pressing to the exit.  How?  Just keep blooming and expanding.  Remember, every season has purpose.  The main purpose is to give God the glory as we stand, be unmovable in all situations, and tell others about what God has done for us.

Well, my friends, thank you for joining me in these Thursday Thoughts.  …What season(s) are you in?  Are you in more than one?  What are your thoughts about seasons in general?  Are there more seasons to consider?

Join me in conversation.  I’d love to read your thoughts on this subject.  We’ll talk with you in our Monday Moments of reflections.



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  1. Marij says:

    This is an interesting post. It causes me to consider what season I am in. I am definitely in a season of reflection and exploration.

    • Rochelle L. says:

      Thanks for sharing! Season of exploration? That’s a thought.

    • Rochelle L. says:

      Thank you Sis. Blessings!

  2. Shawn Emefiele says:

    Ro most people don’t know which season of their life they are in. Because they are holding on to the things in their past that can keep them from moving forward. Im in my summer season, a time/place of enjoyment fun happiness love peace joy communing with God creating new memories with friends and reminiscing about old memories. ‘

    • Rochelle L. says:

      Thanks Shawn for sharing your season. Do you believe that if we take time out to pray, the Spirit of the Lord will let us know our season? I’m enjoying this season of discovery and very excited for your season of fun. Blessings!

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