Do You Know Your Why?


I recently heard someone talk about the ‘why’ of a situation and the question came into my spirit, “What is your why?”  Why can begin multiple questions for different people.  …Why do you like what you like?  Why do you do what you do?  Why do you love to read?  Why do you walk the way you walk?  Why do you enjoy playing the piano?  Why do you love to sing?  Why do you enjoy research?  Why do you work where you work?  Why did you choose that major for your undergrad degree?  Why did you decide not to go to college?  Why did you continue your education and enroll in graduate school?  Why did you turn down those three marriage proposals?  Why did you decline that offer to teach at a college?  Why do you refuse to start that business and allow your passion to flourish?  Why did you start that particular business?  Why do you have certain proclivities?  Why do you prefer working as a waitress, a chef, a bellman?  Why are you a jokester?  Why did you volunteer on that ministry team?  Why did you buy that house that you couldn’t afford?  Why did you push to lead that particular ministry?  Why do you like your coffee dark?  Why do you write?  …Before you just brush this subject off with, “Why not?”  STAY WITH ME.  …What’s the why behind what you do?  What’s the why behind our actions?

Your ‘why’ is the driving force behind ‘what you do!’

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines why as; for what reason, or purpose.  It also defines it as; used to offer a suggestion or to say that a cause of action is not necessary; or used to express irritation or annoyance.  Though that is absolutely correct in many situations; why does not always suggest that an action is not necessary.  Think about it.  Small children can teach all of us a different outlook on why.  Irritation or annoyance does not drive their inquisitiveness.  They truly want to know the reason and the purpose.  Kindergarten children ask why about practically everything?  Especially those who are always thinking. sunrise-20546_640 The other day, my grandson asked me, “Gaga, why do you say that it is morning, but it is still dark outside?”  The next question, “Why do the rain come from the sky?”  What???  I’m sure this five-year old will seek answers beyond what I was able to tell him.  But think about how his ‘why’ could drive his ‘what.’    Those two questions with ‘why,’ may very well lead that lad in the direction to research; or of a scientist.  They certainly give credence to:  “Your ‘why’ is the driving force behind ‘what you do!”

My friend, what ‘why’ is driving what you do?  Do you lead on your job or in ministry to help others succeed?  Do you write quotes, books, blog posts, papers, letters, notes, emails, encouraging social media post because you like to encourage people?  Do you write to educate others?  Do you post pictures on social media to share your joy with others?  Do you teach youth to encourage the next generation?  Do you visit nursing homes and hospitals to encourage the sick and shut-in?  Do you cook meals to help and feed the needy?  Do you host a small group ministry at your church to help the leader serve God’s kingdom?  Do you do what you do so that God will get the glory out of your life?

Do you know your ‘why?’

There are some inbred traits, gifts and talents that the Lord has placed in all of us.  If you are exceptionally intelligent, that gift is from the Lord.  If you can sing melodiously, no matter how much training you’ve had, that gift is from the Lord.  If you can preach, no matter how many homiletic courses you’ve taken; that gift is from the Lord.  If you are an exceptional administrator; that gift is from the Lord.  God has anointed many of us in so many ways.  It is up to us to pray and ask the Lord what He would have us to do with what He has given us.    He answers our ‘why.’  Why are you always writing in notepads?  Why do you find yourself awake in the night thinking about the ministry that God has assigned to you?  Why are you always thinking of a new creative design?  Why are you always humming a new tune?  Do you know your ‘why?’

sriracha cupWe may not necessarily know why we like certain things; all we know is that we do.  Yet we may know the ‘how’ behind the ‘why.’  That is, we know how it became such an intricate part of our lives.  I’m told that my love of hot sauce began when I was a toddler.  The story goes that my mother put hot sauce on my fingers to deter me from sucking my two middle fingers.  She told me that when she put the hot sauce on my fingers, I liked it so much until, despite of it being hot, I licked my fingers and said, “Mo!  Mo!”  And the rest is history.
If you don’t know your ‘why,’ it affects what you do.

Perhaps you chose a certain college major and now you hate the career.  Could your why be that you looked only at the income and the prestige of the career.  Perhaps you pushed to lead a ministry, and now you find that you are continuously frustrated.  If God told you to take on that assignment, growing pains may perpetuate your frustration.   Pray about it.  Pray through the acclimation period.  Ask yourself some questions.  Why did you push for it in the first place?  Could it be that you fought for the spot just to prove to others that you are somebody?  Could there be an underlying spirit of control?  Could there be a hidden hindrance of low self-esteem?  Get in touch with your ‘why.’  Don’t let the lack of knowledge of your ‘why’ cause you to stir up chaos on a team that you are leading or serving on.  Don’t let not knowing your ‘why’ sabotage your journey to your goals by paving a pathway of confusion.

two women talkingYesterday, an evangelist and I were discussing ministry, and she said something that reminded me of today’s post.  I said to her, “The title of my post for tomorrow is:  Do you know your why?”  Like Mary’s salutation made that what was in Elizabeth’s womb leap, that title sparked a leap in the evangelist.  She immediately started talking and made a general statement to persons who don’t know their ‘why.’  She said,  “So if you are always in search of your why, you could never be you.  You would just live life as a charade.”  I said, “Thank you.  You eloquently put my thoughts into words.”  So Mildred, again I say, “Thank you!”

The evangelist’s statement made me think of all the years that I lived not knowing my ‘why.’  I thought of the years of proving my intelligence to people, when all I had to do is just be.    I thought of the years of proving my anointing from God to people, when all I had to do was:  make no excuses for being anointed.  Her words also made me realize that I was no longer living in a charade and had discovered my ‘why.’

Your ‘why’ speaks to your intent.

When you know your ‘why’ you won’t allow people who drink hater aid, or who don’t know your ‘why’ to silence your voice.  I read a social media post the other day and one of my sweetly saved cousins posted an encouraging scripture that made me smile.  I responded and called her Evangelist.  One of her social media friends responded after my response and called her a ‘WANNA BE.’  My cousin laughed it off.  But I thought to tell my sweet cousin, “You know your ‘why.’  You didn’t post the scripture for notoriety.  You posted it to encourage others with what the Spirit of the Lord encouraged you.  Your friend doesn’t know your ‘why.’  Therefore she can’t comprehend what your intent is.”   …It is imperative that we know our ‘why.’    This applies to the young and the seasoned; to women as well as men.  But especially to the young.   Justpic2…Young men, if you don’t know your ‘why,’ pray to the Lord about it.  Search for your why.  You do have a ‘Why.’  When you don’t know your ‘why,’ you will hide your handsome faces behind masks of facial afros.  You will bury your intelligence underneath perplexity.  You will vanquish your ingenuity into oblivion.  But if you discover your ‘why,’  you will understand that you are the man.  Oh yes you are the young man destined to do all that God has called you to.  All you have to do is allow your ‘why’ to drive your ‘what.’

My friends, thank you for joining me in these Monday moments of reflection.  I’ll leave you with this question:  “Do you know your why?”  Join me in conversation.  I’d love to hear from you.  We’ll talk soon.



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