Have You Found Your Niche?


Do you know anyone that has partial skills in multiple areas, but has no efficiency in any of the areas?   But for some reason, this person believes they are highly capable in all of their claimed fields?  They might be great in one thing, but are so busy doing so much until no one (not even them), can tell what they are really great at?  Do you know anyone like that?

Now, don’t misunderstand.  I’m not saying that a person can’t have multiple gifts and talents; or that a person can’t work effectively in more than one profession, ministry, business or job.  Because, there are persons in ministry who are successful business owners.  There are lawyers who design clothes.  There are musicians and white-collar workers who build homes.  But the busy ones, who do a little of a lot; do you know anyone like that?  They’re the ones who have hands in many different pots; jumping from one to the other without really narrowing in, discovering what their craft is and polishing it.  The phrase most often used to describe a person like this is, “A jack of all trades and master of none.”

It kind of reminds me of a handyman back in the hood where I grew up.  He was the plumber, the furnace repairman and the washing machine repairman.  My parents owned a large two family flat that always needed work.  For some unknown reason, the pipes under the bathroom and kitchen sinks always leaked.  My mother would place buckets under the sinks to catch the water.  Every so often, when my parents could afford it, mama would call the plumber to come over and stop the leaks.  When the furnace stopped working, mama called the plumber.   When water stopped draining out of the washing machine, mama called the plumber.  So guess what?  There was always a bucket under the bathroom and kitchen sinks.

In the winter months, the furnace would always shut off in the middle of the night and daddy would have to go run water into the furnace.  And the washer stopped regularly.  I remember having to wring the clothes out by hand and placing them in the dryer.  We didn’t complain.  We just did what we did.  It was our routine.  But sometimes I would hear my parents talking about the problems with the plumbing, furnace and washer.

And every time the plumber pulled into our driveway with that old pickup truck, and got out looking frustrated, I would say to myself, “This man doesn’t know what he’s doing.”  He was the epitome of, “A jack of all trades and master of none.”  It was obvious that he wasn’t a master at plumbing, or fixing furnaces and washing machines.  Perhaps he hadn’t found his niche.  Or had he?  In my opinion, even as a young girl; to put it in today’s terms; I thought:  “His niche was getting paid for doing patchwork.”  But think about it.  Had he truly found his niche?  His looks of disgust said that he hadn’t.

Why is finding your niche necessary?

My friends, the frustration that comes with half doing something or wondering why ventures, projects, relationships, ministry or even plumbing jobs continuously won’t work gets old after so long.  Constant mishaps draw feelings of failure.  When these taunts perpetually jab at you, unhappiness arises, and the spirit of giving up creeps in.  Thoughts of dropping the ball dwell on your pillow, at your breakfast table, in your car, on the pulpit, in the classroom that you teach and everywhere you go.  That is why, even though there is often a grind and prolonged length of time in finding your niche, it’s worth it.  

Let’s look at two of Merriam- Webster’s definitions of niche.  They are:  “A job, activity, etc., that is very suitable for someone.  A place, employment, status, or activity for which a person or thing is best fitted.”  That says it right there, “Suitable!  Best fitted!”    There’s comfort in discovering the ministry, profession, or career where God has for you to fit.  business conversationsWhen I answered the call of God to teach in ministry, even though there were obstacles along the way, I discovered that a great comfort comes while teaching God’s people.  That’s after praying through the nervousness while studying, preparing and trying to hear what God has for His people.  Also, the same holds true in my answering the call to write.  But discovering a best fit and suitability in these two areas of service, through the help of The Lord overrides all doubt and discomfort.  My friends, the question to you is, “Have you found your niche?”

What’s your niche?

  • A wife
  • A husband
  • A teacher
  • A pastor
  • A preacher
  • An evangelist
  • A business owner
  • A college professor
  • A mechanic
  • A plumber
  • A psalmist
  • An electrician
  • A doctor
  • A carpenter
  • An athlete
  • An entrepreneur
  • A ministry of helps
  • A writer
  • Etc.

My friends, I believe your niche is tied directly to your functional call from God.  I also believe that God can anoint you with a best fit and suitability in more than one area.  The primary niche must always be, “Follower of Christ.”  One of my favorite scriptures is where Jesus said in John 9:4, “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day, the night cometh, when no man can work.” (KJV)

Thank you for joining me in these Thursday thriving thoughts.  My last question to you is, “Have you found your niche?”  Join me in conversation.  I’d love to hear from you. We’ll talk soon.




Originally posted 2016-02-11 23:58:54.

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  1. Clifton Davis says:

    Hey Rochelle!! This one right here was definitely for me. I really want to find my niche. I love this one. I’m going to read it again. Also I will be praying for God to answer this for. Everyone should read these blog’s because they are so helpful. I love you so much and may our God continue to bless you.

    • Rochelle L. says:

      Hey Mann (aka: Reverend Clifton Davis) I’m so happy that this writing blessed you. The Lord is answering our prayers. Praise God! You’re en route to walking in your niche. I’m praying for you and excited for you. Thank you for your prayers. Love you dearly.

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