If Asked To Describe Yourself, What Would You Say?


Do you find it easier to describe others; than it is to describe yourself?  Why is that so?   Or if you are asked to depict who you are; would you hesitate to give an answer?  Would your response lean towards a negative picture of you?  Why?  Why do overweight people zoom in on their weight first?  Why do tall people talk about their height?  Why do people without a college education first mention their presumably lack of education?  That baffles me.  …Rarely, have I heard someone answer the title to this post as, “I’m wonderful, charming, intelligent, very attractive, outgoing, disciplined, goal oriented, a great homemaker, or super energetic.”  Why?

Perhaps some people have listened to others point out their supposed flaws for so long, until a negative self-image is programmed into their subconscious.  If that’s you; it’s time to denounce all of those unfavorable descriptions of you.  How?  See past your weight; your height; your education level; your current income; and see that you are “fearfully and wonderfully made by God.” (cf Psalm 139:14).  jump-with-joyWhen you behold the great attributes God has given you; that insight will push you to press to walk as that wonderful person God has made in YOU.

…Or just maybe, you see the assets God has bestowed upon you.  And you don’t want to send out vibes as being braggadocios, arrogant, narcissistic, or full of yourself.  But what’s wrong with having a good opinion of yourself and verbalizing it?  Especially when you are also aware of your flaws?  Think about it.  If asked to describe yourself; what would you say?

Let’s look at some responses:

  • In conversations, you inject moments of revelatory and insightful thoughts on subjects. This offends some and intrigues others.  But for you,  it’s not to illicit a response.  It’s just you.
  • You’re very hospitable; helping others bring you joy.
  • You’re short-tempered, overly sensitive.  Easily offended when people disagree with you.
  • You’re clumsy, insecure, needy, overbearing.
  • You’re highly intelligent; and enjoy conversations with people smarter than you.
  • You’re successful.
  • You’re driven.
  • You’re very quiet, reserved, sophisticated.
  • You’re disciplined and focused.
  • You’re very outgoing and bubbly.
  • You’re straight to the point; no fluff.
  • You’re a hard worker.
  • You’re happy.

Wow!!  Can you relate to any of those descriptions?  Come on, think about it.  Who are you to you?

Some of the above descriptions belong on my list.  As I write this post, I’m reminded of how reading and learning helped me over seven years ago, when I had the brain aneurysms; and multiple brain surgeries.  My daughter, Tamika bought me puzzles to help exercise my brain muscles.  Thinking and trying to solve problems helped my mind recover; and now, reading and thinking is helping me once again.  Here are a few of my self-descriptions:

  • A true wordsmith; I enjoy learning the meaning of new words.  It doesn’t matter if others already know the meaning. There is no competition.  If I didn’t know the meaning before; the joy is in me knowing now.  Like the word gastronomic.. When I saw it; as I read an article in the magazine, “Cooking Light,” I became intrigued.  The article’s title was, “What To Eat For Brain Health.”  This grabbed my attention.  Especially now, in the wake of recently having had a mini stroke.  I looked at the root “gastro;” and immediately thought the meaning has something to do with the digestive system.  I had no idea that gastronomic means,  “relating to the practice or eating of good food.”   (Who cares if someone classifies me as a NERD.  I still love words.  So “WHATEVER!!)
  • imageI just love to learn new things.  It’s who I am.  The reason is not so I can be more informed than others.  I just love to learn.
  • I have a tendency to procrastinate at times; but I’m working on  identifying the cause; and to end letting the triggers and WALLS  hinder me.
  • Inquisitive, immediacy, have a proclivity to dig deep into the Word of God; and read about people walking in their purpose.  That’s a part of who I am.
  • I love helping people grow naturally and spiritually.
  • I’m intrigued with reading about people who walk in their purpose.  It’s inspiring to see someone’s full fledge grasp of and operation in their purpose.
  • I sometimes shut down when antagonized by people who are offended by my God given intelligence.  My spiritual brother, TCA told me once, “You have to be comfortable enough not to dummy down, when you are around certain people.”  That has stuck with me for years.

So, my friends; what about you?  If you were asked to describe yourself; would positive descriptions immediately start rolling off your tongue?  Would you talk negatively about yourself?  Or would you get tongued tied; thinking about what others might think?   If so, why would that concern you?  …..We have to be delivered from wanting to please people.  …Even Jesus didn’t please everybody.  But He lived to please God.  John 4:34 says, “Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of him who sent me and complete his work.”  (NRSV)

Thank you for joining me today.  We’ll talk soon.




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