What Do You Do When New Is Calling You?


Do you ever feel as if there is more than this?  Have you ever felt like there is something new that you want to do, but you really don’t know what it is?  Have you ever been oblivious to what’s causing your uneasiness?  All you know is that something is bothering you?  Do you keep thinking that you need something; but you don’t know what it is that you need?  In your search for an answer, do you start analyzing your life; only to find “What” lingering in your spirit?

You’ve spent countless hours praying about this pull: yet, “What” remains.  You know that you miss interacting with close friends and family that have moved away; but you’ve become accustomed to their absence.  You know that you miss your deceased loved ones; but you’ve accepted the losses. …You’re concerned about your children, but that’s not totally it.  You fret over expenses, work issues or ministry challenges; but that doesn’t explain it.  All you know is that new keeps ringing in your spirit.  So the question is, “What do you do when new is calling you?”

Perhaps, it’s time for an in-dept examination.

Stay with me.  Let’s clarify the thought on examination.  I’m not by any means insinuating that you need a psychiatric evaluation from a seasoned professional.  But, when frustration inundates nearly every area of your life, and you yearn for new, what do you do?  Why not embrace the, “It starts with me mentality,” and try a detailed self-check?  After all, what do you have to lose?

  • What exactly is troubling you, and why?

Could the usual have become too old?

I recently watched a movie where two goofy men in a furniture delivery truck were lost on an old country road.  As they drove pass a lone house, there was an elderly man sitting on the porch.  The driver slowed down and said, “Hey Mack which way is it to Red Button?” The old man said, “How’d you know my name was Mack?” The truck driver smiling, said, “I was just guessing.” The grouchy old man said, “Then why don’t you guess your way to Red Button?” I chuckled.  Then I thought, “Now that is ornery.”

That one scene reminded me of today’s topic.  Perhaps you’ve been surrounded by ornery people on the job, in family situations; or even in your church for so long until it’s gotten old.  People come and go; but even though there are new faces, you find that you’re dealing with the same spirits dressed in different garments.  Spirits of pride.  Spirits of jealousy.  Spirits of self-righteousness.  Spirits of self-exaltation.  Spirits of perversion.  Lazy spirits.  Leech spirits.  Ungodly competition spirits.  Insecure spirits.  …You used to just see those spirits for what they were, and just get the work done.  imageBut now, you feel like one of a select few of speed boats swamped in the midst of sail boats.   Your having to interact with the deluge of perpetuated offenses for various reasons is OLD.

But think about it.  Perhaps what has gotten old is your giving too much of your brain time to the actions of people with frustrating spirits.  Perhaps you’ve wasted productivity by trying to convince others of what you consider as effective.  Perhaps you tire yourself by allowing your emotions and thoughts to attach to the ways of others like a puppet on a string.   Just maybe you’re the one who is hindering your progress.

…What I didn’t mention in the above story is that the two guys in the delivery truck sped off after the old man said what he said.  They didn’t have time to even try to persuade the ornery man to give them directions.  They had a destination with a deadline to reach.  My friends, how often do you allow challenging situations that encumber upon your path detain you from attaining your destination?  Could that be why God has sent new to bombard you?

Have you become keenly aware of routine frustrations; which frustrate you even more?

Are you tired?  Tired of dealing with people who will do underhanded things to get a platform?  Tired of a relationship that has you continuously singing, “Here we go round in circles?”  Tired of watching your children aimlessly squander away the innocence of their young adult years?  Tired of trying to help others, while you struggle in so many areas of your own life?  Tired of dealing with disrespectful attitudes, yet needing to cultivate the spirit of long-suffering in yourself?  imageTired of hearing about elderly loved ones being neglected by their designated care-givers?  Tired of working on a job where the supervisor or manager deliberately makes unattainable demands?  Tired of that worn out furniture?  Tired of renting?  Tired of carrying the weight of a group of lazy coworkers?  Tired of being bombarded by the spirit of fear and anxiety?  Tired of serving on a team with position hunters whose intentions are not to help those who the project should benefit?  Tired of seeing the enemy slyly attempt to sabotage something that is dear to your heart; and when you try to extinguish their plot, you’re viewed as a territorial trouble-maker?  Are you just tired and ready to walk away from it all?  Wait, pray and think about some things first.

  • How do you approach your frustrations?  Do you see the how and the why new is calling you in them?

Realize that new is screaming in the midst of your discomfort and discontent.  Perhaps your diminished drive and hopeless feelings in your tired areas is really the Lord pushing you to step into new.  But how and why?

  1. New doesn’t always mean that you should change your physical location. — Sometimes we’ve become so fed up with people until we start planning our exit strategy.  But my friends, hold on and pray.  Waiting is often bliss.  Have you ever rehearsed your farewell speech and the Lord says, “Why are you really leaving?”  You say, “Lord, I just need to concentrate on that business, that degree, that career, that job offer, that business proposition, that book deal, etc., etc.”  The Lord says, “Why can’t you do those things while you physically stay where you are now?”  ….The Lord’s questions prompt more questions.  “How do you stay on the job while starting the business?  How do you keep up with your bills and become a homeowner again?  imageHow do you stay in your current ministry assignment and make time to do ministry that God has called you to do beyond the walls?”  …Then you hear the Lord telling you to stay put and do both, because your primary assignment is where you are.  You hear the Lord telling you to spend more time in prayer about the areas in your finances, on your job, or in the ministry where the enemy is trying to take a foothold.  You hear the Lord telling you to walk in your new right where you are.  ..In essence my friends, “It’s time to get your mind off of your feelings and war in the spirit that God’s Will be done on earth.  It’s time to have confidence in God; don’t sweat the small stuff; be attentive to the Holy Spirit’s instructions, help God’s people; and battle on your knees in WAR!”
  2. New is reminding you of unfinished assignments that the Lord has placed in your spirit.  — Irritants have a way of driving you to re-visit written goals, hopes and dreams.  They remind you of words dropped in your spirit like, “Restoration is in Process,” or “It’s Not Too Late,” or “Spring Beyond These Walls.”  Sometimes we get wrapped up in needless fights, and use them to ignore difficult assignments given to us by God that we’ve shelved due to fear.  That half-done degree, project, screenplay, ministry, book, song, artwork or business idea from way back when, may seem outdated.  But there is new in the resurrection of an old idea.  New calling you will increase your determination to make decisions, follow them through and get the job done.
  3. New is causing you to tap into your untapped creativity and endless possibilities. — The Lord will place you on the hearts of unlikely people. One of my nephews called me the other day to share his business success with me.  As we talked, I told him about some things I do in ministry and for people in general.  He told me his perception of the business side of some of the things that I give to people.  Then he said, “Chelle, there’s no market for that at this time.”  I said to him, “Wow, you called to tell me about you.  I usually give you advice, but now you’re helping me.”  He told me the name of an influential person that he wants to put me in contact with.   He went on to say, “Chelle let’s talk and brainstorm this idea.”  I said, “Okay;” but I was so nervous.  As I pondered his suggestion, butterflies fluttered in my belly.  imageBut, the Lord said, “Rochelle that’s a part of new calling and telling you the how and the why.”  Praise God.  My friends, what uncharted territory is new calling you to?
  4. New is pushing and pulling you closer to the Lord. — We often hear the phrase, “To every new level, there is a new devil!”  And that is so true.  Yet, as you grow closer to the Lord, when natural and spiritual attacks flood in, you must pray, stay in God’s Word and always thank Him.  …Sometimes you are in a room full of people, but yet you feel alone.  In these instances, new is calling you to realize that you have a friend that sticks closer than a brother.  The thing is that when you’re misunderstood, feel alone and you’re in a strange land; that’s when you grow closer to the Lord through His Word, prayer and praise.  In the midst of turmoil, you’ll find yourself seeking God about the good, the bad and the ugly; in others and in yourself.  And it is a blessing to become more attentive to the voice and instructions of the Living God.  Praise God!

My friends, thank you for joining me today.    I’ll leave you with these questions, “What “new” is calling you?  Is it a job, a relationship, a business, a move, a ministry idea, a spiritual shift, a service to others, or a personal change?  What is it?   And what do you do when new is calling you?”  Let me know your thoughts.  I’d love to hear from you.

Today’s Scriptures: Isaiah 42:9, 10 “Behold, the former things are come to pass, and new things do I declare: before they spring forth I tell you of them. Sing unto the Lord a new song, and his praise from the end of the earth, ye that go down to the sea, and all that is therein, the isles, and the inhabitants thereof.” (KJV) Isaiah 43:18, 19{a} “Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth.” (KJV)  Where is new springing forth in your life?

We’ll talk soon.




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