When Are You At Your Best?


Stop!  Before you answer that question, let’s start with, “Do you even know when you are at your best?”  Perhaps you’re saying, “I haven’t thought about it”  If that’s the case; why haven’t you?  Don’t you think it’s good to know when you’re in your element?

If you have discovered when you’re at your best, how did you get there?  Where and when did it happen?  Did you gradually find out something new about you as the days came and went?  Or did you suddenly have an epiphany while in the midst of living your life?  Yes?  That’s great.  So, what is your best?  Most importantly, what’s the point of being aware of when you are ar your best?

Discovering your best has relevance.

So many people wander through life not having tapped into what they do best.  Dabbling here and there in one area after another suffices for them.  Or does it?  Could one of the reasons behind some people’s constant frustration be that they haven’t uncovered their best?  I truly believe the crab mentality wouldn’t have such leeway in people’s lives if they were in touch with their best.  One of the driving forces that fuels low self-esteem is the lack of a person knowing their premier qualities, gifts, and talents.  This reminds me of a quote in Joel Osteen’s book, ” I Declare.”  imageI have read through “I Declare” several times.  Each chapter has a daily declaration.  They also include encouraging scripture based thoughts to help readers believe what they declare.  On day twelve in the book, the author states, “Do you realize a masterpiece is not mass-produced?  You are God’s masterpiece.”

That quote sparked several thoughts in me.  …Optimists may say, “Oh yes, I am a masterpiece.  Let me launch a journey to find the masterpiece in me.”  The cynic is apt to mumble, “Duh!  I know that already.  So what else is new?”  Yet, others might say, “Masterpiece?  Who me?  Naw, that’s not me!  I don’t see it!”  My friends, you may find yourselves in any of these scenarios at one time or another in your lives.   But, think about it.  Once you are at your best, there is opportunity to discover more “best” in you.  Doesn’t this give reason to search?

Where is your best you?

Does your best you lie in your outgoing personality, quiet demeanor or energetic disposition?  Does it peek through your volunteer work, caring characteristics, or helpful ways?  Does your best shine forth in your speaking, writing, teaching, gardening, singing, cooking, or encouraging others?

Maybe you are at your best when you’re under pressure?   Though it’s not recommended by the doctor, some of us find that we are at our best while in stressful situations.  Somehow, being down to the wire; having high adrenaline levels pushes us to kick out our best work.  imageIn my undergrad years, I wrote many of my “A” papers the night before they were due.  I remember submitting an on-line final exam less than 5 minutes before the deadline in a graduate course.

On my job, I even enjoyed receiving calls to take on projects that had an estimated completion date of yesterday.  It may sound crazy and a bit egotistic; but I relished in knowing that extremely difficult business mandates were easy for me.  It gave me a sense of accomplishment.  And though I discovered I was at my best when given last-minute assignments; I learned the hard way that stress is not best.  And now, after having a brain aneurysm and multiple brain surgeries, I have put being at my best under stress to bed.

What brings out the best in you?

Good and bothersome situations are triggers that can prompt your best to come out of hiding.  How so?  Think about it.  What joyful times have you been in where you discovered your best?  What is the opposing force that brings out the best in you?  What is God doing and allowing to happen in your life to pull your gifts and talents out of you?  …A tea bag doesn’t emit savory aroma from within until it’s in boiling hot water.  What problems do you meet that take you out of your comfort zone and call the best you forth?

When are you in your element?

Have you watched a painter move brushes across a canvas with ease;  like water rolling on a freshly waxed car?  imageHave you ever looked at a pianist and saw how they were into the flow of the melody?  Have you sat in a class hearing an instructor teaching effortlessly, as they savored helping others learn?  Have you listened to a psalmist sing with extreme joy as they bellowed out the lyrics?  Have you watched a chef cook your meal at the table with impeccable skill?  You really can see when someone is in their element.

What hinders you from enjoying being in your element?

My daddy had two totally opposite bests.  He was a gifted singer.  At family gatherings, he would sing his favorite gospel song, “Walk With Me Lord.”  He loved that song so much.  Every time he sung it, when he was near the end of the song, he would gleefully start to dance.  Daddy was also gifted in masonry.  He laid bricks, and leveled cement on sidewalks with skill and preciseness.  He built the most amazing fireplaces for a well-known construction company in many new homes in Metro Detroit.  His gifts flowed when he was at his best.  But, even though masonry work allowed an aspect of his best to come forward; he didn’t enjoy it.   imageSinging was daddy’s passion.  Worldly stardom was his dream.  But it didn’t happen.  Sadly, daddy’s failed dream hindered him from seeing and enjoying the excellence in his masonry work.  But God is faithful.  After years of misery; before daddy died, he joined his new wife’s church in Ohio.  It was there where daddy would occasionally exercise his best through song.  Praise God.  My friends, when are you in your element?  And are there any hindrances that prevent you from enjoying your best?

Have you discovered your best?

What is your best?  Is it creativity?  Is it photography, painting, music, knitting, carpentry, or writing?  Is it teaching, singing, dancing, preaching, speaking, or praying?  Is it expressing what’s on your mind?  Is it leading others?  Is it writing songs?   Is it solving problems?  Is it being the peacemaker?  Is it running your business?  Is it organizing teams?  Is it coaching from behind the scenes?  What is it?

Take the challenge.

Starting today, and for the next week; pay attention to your moments. Take out time and jot down when you are at your best.  You’re apt to make some wonderful  new discoveries.  Share your findings with me.  I’d love to chat with you.

The scripture on my heart is Psalm 37:4 “Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.”  (KJV).

My friends, thank you for joining me today.  I’ll leave you with a question.  “When are you at your best?”  We’ll talk soon.



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