When Will You Use What You Got?


How often have you felt out-of-place?  Those oddball feelings will hit you anywhere.  You might be in a business meeting; where you have thoughts that you don’t belong.  Perhaps you’re in a college classroom, or sitting on a church pew.  Suddenly you start feeling as if you’re lost in space.

Maybe you are at a joyous occasion.  Everybody is talking; laughing; and having a good time.  But not you.  You’re inwardly listening to little voices prodding you with; “Why are you here?  These people are out of your league.”

What do you attribute those peculiar feelings, and self put downs to?  Shyness?  Being an extreme introvert?  Low self-esteem?  What?

In the past; when you were in meetings on your job; you experienced excessive mental discomfort.  But, you quoted scripture for your situations.  “Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.”
‭‭1 John‬ ‭4:4‬ ‭KJV‬‬.  That text helped you overcome those taunts; and you believed they were gone.  Then, one day, out of nowhere; BAM!  Those old hindering, defeatist thoughts were back.  Why?

I recently went to lunch with, my pastor; his wife; and a group of saints.  It was fourteen or fifteen men and women of God, from different areas of the country.  I sat in-between one of our church mothers; and a young preacher from another state.  Everyone was laughing, talking, eating, and enjoying themselves.  But me; I was so uncomfortable.  I couldn’t muster up anything to talk about.  Why?!?  Why was I so tongue-tied.

I sat there trying to think of something to say; but kept coming up blank.  Fidgeting with my smoked barbecue turkey leg, collard greens and garlic potatoes didn’t work.  So I texted my son, Justin; told him where I was; and how I felt out-of-place.  I told him that I wasn’t intimidated; but just didn’t have anything to say.

Justin texted me back and said, “You have to believe in yourself ma; and God made no one better than the other.”  I replied, “It’s funny how I raised you and your siblings to be so confident. And I didn’t receive it for myself.”  Justin texted, “You have it; because, you gave it.  Just have to speak it to yourself more.”  WOW!!  That’s an eye-opener!

Justin’s response sparked the question to this post:  “When will you use what you got?”

My friends, if you’re the type who exuded confidence at one time in your life; but somehow you stopped; what happened?   Perhaps the problem is; you allowed the enemy to needle you so long until you forgot about what’s in you.  Maybe the fear you once conquered has returned, and gripped you with a vengeance.  Low self-esteem has set-up shop in your opinion of yourself.  But when and how did it happen?

Take a retrospective look at what happened in your life.

For me; having a brain aneurysm, multiple brain surgeries, and having to stop working exacerbated my process.  Why didn’t I say, “Started the process?”  Because; as I revise the manuscript for a book I wrote over a decade ago; memories are resurfacing.  Withdrawing from people started when I was a child.

I grew up with both my parents in the home; but my daddy rejected me.  He treated me different from how he cared for my siblings.  Daddy’s lack of love towards me was the main reason I feared talking to people.  There’s no feeling like that which comes from abandonment in your own household; by your parent.  Rejection carries a long reaching residue.

I forgave my daddy when I gave my life to Jesus.  But, it didn’t take away the shyness.  I’m just glad rejection didn’t cause me to pick up being needy.  The opposite happened; which wasn’t any better.  I shunned people.  I pushed away those who tried to grow close.

My friend, you might be free from the  pain of rejection; but, will you venture out, and bring others in?  Think about it.  When you’ve been rejected, it’s hard to risk putting yourself in situations where it could happen again.  Please be watchful.  A wall put up for protection can easily become an agent of oppression.

So, how did the brain aneurysm intensify my process of self put-down?  What happened?

Going from leading a team of people on a daily basis, to struggling with headache pain from reading happened.  Being divested of using my analytical skills to  figure out payment inaccuracies; and calculate interest and reimbursements happened.  No longer answering emails and calls from executives; sitting in business meetings; writing performance reviews, etc; happened.  Having to stop putting on a business suit five days a week happened.  In essence, being stripped from what I thought defined me, happened.

But with everything that happened; the loss created a discovery.

Sometimes; changes in our lives help us to see what we have.  Being stripped of a job helped me realize I had misplaced identity.  I classified who I was, based on my job title and responsibilities.  But, by me being off work so long; I came to realize: the position on my job didn’t make me; but I made it.

Having to rediscover me helped me understand what God has placed in me.  Studying the Word of God; and sharing what I learned eventually returned.  But, not like before.  Gone are the days of spending six to eight hours of consistent studying.  Gone are the days of juggling a rigorous work schedule with study and ministry.

But, hello!

Hello to seeing the gifts God has placed in me.  Hello to discovering the versatility of God’s anointing on my life.  Hello to realizing writing has always been with me.  Hello to knowing why people ask me to place their notes in presentation form.  Hello to finding joy in coaching people from behind the scenes.  Hello to knowing why so many people text and call me to help them understand the Bible.  Hello to binding the spirit of rejection; and not allowing it to affect my life, in the name of Jesus!  Hello to being ecstatic in knowing who I am, and being who God has called me to be.  Hello to seeing what I bring to any table; and stepping out, in the name of Jesus!

Can you relate?  Have you discovered what’s in you?  If so, do you use what you got?

My friends, there’s a sense of peace and joy in using what you got.  What’s in you?  Teaching?  Writing?  Lyrics?  Music?  Books?  Webinars?  Podcasts?  A business?  A college education?  A professor; attorney; doctor?  Painting?  Modeling?  Dancing?  Acting?  Interior decorating?  Non-profits?  Farming?  Opening a transitional home?  Preaching?  Evangelism?  Missions work?  Liberty?  What’s in you?

Even though there are steps to take; if you haven’t already done so;  I’m positive you can get there.  You WILL uncover what God has placed in you to bring to ANY table.  But, when you have epiphanies, and reach goals; a question yet remains.  When will you use what you got?  Think about it!  TAKE ACTION!!

Thank you for joining me today.  Here’s a scripture to think about:   “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”  Philippians 4:13‬ ‭KJV‬‬.  We will talk soon.



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  1. Olivia A. Willuams says:

    Good word. Using what God has placed in you will always help someone else. Part of the issue is obedience. Will you be obedient to the plan of God to use what you got? Can God trust you to obey long enough to be the conduit from which He will work through? Yes, use what you got to the glory of God. Thanks for bring transparent.

    • Rochelle L. says:

      Thanks Olivia! And you’re welcome. You’re right. Obedience is essential. Praying, the Lord continues to help me be transparent; and that it will bless someone. God bless you my sister!

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