Where Is Your Wealthy Place?


Has anyone ever told you that they were on the brink of entering into a wealthy place right after they experienced a major blow?  Was their excitement so compelling until they could have convinced the most pessimistic doubting Thomas?  What did you think?  Did you share their anticipation?  Or did you relegate their glee to mere camouflage?  Perhaps you thought they were putting up a front just to cover their pain?  Did you think, “Maybe they’re just trying to convince themselves?”  Or did their joy cause you to question your own wealthy place?  …If you haven’t discovered your wealthy place, perhaps you questioned whether you should have your own or not??

Maybe you had a totally different train of thought, and you wondered what their claim of being on the cusp of bliss really meant.  Especially if they had just loss their home, their job, a parent, a child, a sibling, a loved one, their business; or if their spouse abandoned them.  Did their mentioning an impending wealthy place at a time when most people are parking in hopelessness leave you wondering, “What the what?”  This amazement sparks another question…..

What is a wealthy place?

It denotes many things to various people.   Some may have a one-dimensional view of what a wealthy place consists of.  Or they may look at it from different perspectives.  Think about it.  Your wealthy place might be in your possessing riches and gold; or in having a lucrative career.  Someone else’s might be peace in the midst of troubled circumstances.  Another’s might be a state of abundant faith while waiting for God to bless them with good health or financial gain.  Yet, others’ wealthy place might be that they’ve had an epiphany on how to see joy in the midst of pain.  imageThey may suddenly notice the beautiful blue sky peaking through the cottony white clouds; or the rich multi-colors of the blossoming trees.

Wealthy places are many….  They have multiple descriptions…..

There are so many places and situations that encapsulate wealthy places.  Families of four live in mansions large enough for two five-member families to live comfortably.  Their living out their dreams is their wealthy place.  Couples live in micro homes that some people label as shoe boxes; yet they’re extremely happy.  Their abundant love for each other is their wealthy place.  College students cram for exams and write one-hundred page papers while they work to pay tuition.  Yet they have dreams of having lucrative careers after college.  Their vision and process of reaching their goals are their wealthy places.  Single parents juggle work, children, parent-teacher conferences, sports practices, dance classes; fix meals, iron clothes and attend school plays.  Their wealthy place is seeing joy in their children’s faces everyday.

Psalm 66:12 speaks of a wealthy place.  It says, “Thou hast caused men to ride over our heads; we went through fire and through water; but though broughtest us out into a wealthy place.”  (KJV)  The Good News Translation calls a wealthy place, a place of safety.  The New International Version says it’s where God “brought us to a place of abundance.”  The Message Bible says it’s “a well-watered place.”  The God’s Word Translation says it’s a place where God, “brought us out and refreshed us.”  The New Revised Version says it’s a “spacious place.”   This text in these different versions let’s you know that a wealthy place has multiple descriptions.  But, the question remains, “Where is your wealthy place?”

Disguised wealthy places can unfold through surrender.

A couple of days ago, I felt a burden to intercede for those who went through some of the same things that I experienced.  That same day, it came upon my heart to share my thoughts in a post in my family’s Facebook group.  I didn’t realize it when I wrote the post; but as I began to finish today’s article,  The Lord let me know that I was in a wealthy place when I openly poured my heart out to loved ones.  Being transparent enough to share my pain with my family is a wealthy place.  Being able to relate to those who have lost all of their siblings and their parents, and pray for them specifically in that area, is a wealthy place.  Letting family know that what I experienced helps me to pray for those who are enduring or who have endured the same is a wealthy place.  imageReaching out for prayer, and exposing my state of weakness to those who look to me for strength is a wealthy place.  Rallying the troops to use their painful experiences as incentives to pray for others and one another is a wealthy place.  Here’s a piece of the post that I sent to my family group:

This is to……

  • Those who lost a parent; you’re in my prayers.
  • Those who have lost both your parents; you’re in my prayers.
  • Those who have lost a brother; you’re in my prayers.
  • Those who have lost two (or your only brother{s}); you’re in my prayers.
  • Those who have lost a sister; you’re in my prayers.
  • Those who have lost your only sister (that you knew from childhood to nearly 50); you’re in my prayers.
  • Those who’ve lost a child; you’re in my prayers.
  • Those who’ve lost a or your only daughter; you’re in my prayers.
  • To those who’ve experienced any or all of the above; you’re in my prayers.
  • To those who feel like an adult orphan; you’re in my prayers.
  • To those who have broken hearts; you’re in my prayers.  And, as we pray for you, PLEASE cry out to God and keep me, us, we and them in your prayers.

Can you see the wealthy place in the above declarations?

The question yet remains, “Where is your wealthy place?” And how can you find it?

My friends, I believe God brings all who strive to live in His image to a wealthy place.  You may have to go through some things, but that place of safety, place of abundance, well-watered place, and spacious place is attainable.  How can you discover it?  Look for it during a time of obedience to God, sacrifice, love, marriage, childbirth, new, breakthrough, and renewed hope.  Look for it in the midst of a state of grief, hurt, loss, abandonment, or bewilderment.  Look for it when you feel lonely, isolated and misunderstood.  It is during the most difficult times that The Lord will bring you out of claustrophobic turmoil to a place of freedom.

…..I recently read a post that one of my late daughter, Mika’s friends wrote on her social media page.  It immediately resonated in my spirit; because, I am in a place where my current storm is pushing me closer to God.  imageShe wrote: “There is no mother’s lap for me to go and lay on, there’s no cousin sister friend’s couch for me to go and sit on, there’s no one to text my frustrations, no one to lunch with and go to a concert…I’m in a lonely place.  And that is a good thing.  I’m in a place where I find refuge, and my counselor is my all.  I may cry at times but I’m where I’m supposed to be…”  Praise God!  Her dry place led her to her wealthy place in The Lord.

How do you know that you have a wealthy place?

We recently celebrated Pentecost Sunday at our church.  The message that our Pastor preached was powerful.  It caused me to see so many places where your wealthy place resides.  It’s in your home; at your church; at the library.  It’s in spending time with loved ones; catching up with old friends; serving The Lord; ministering; reading and meditating on the Word of God.  But, with all that, your primary wealthy place is in the manifested presence of The Lord.  That’s a place that is not relegated to a physical place.

My friends, thank you for joining me today.  Please find your wealthy place through prayer.  Listen for guidance to it by The Holy Spirit.   The scripture that’s on my heart is, Psalm 42:1,2.  It says, “As the hart pants after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God.  My soul thirsteth for God, for the living God:  when shall I come and appear before God?”  (KJV)

I will leave you with a question.  “Where is your wealthy place?”   Join me in conversation.  I’d love to hear from you.  We’ll talk soon.





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