Who Did It For You?


Do you remember the catch-all phrase, “That did it!”  Do you usually follow that statement with, “I can’t take it anymore,” or, “I’ve had enough?”  When someone expresses those two thoughts, it is only natural to wonder, what happened or who did what.

But the question, “Who did it for you,” is different?  It usually takes your thoughts away from low tolerance; and associates with something positive.  This question covers a broad spectrum.  Basically, it leads to another question: such as, “Who did ‘What’ for you?”

Such as….

Who provoked you to go to another level in life?  Who caused you to move forward?  When you were ready to quit, who compelled you to keep going until you reached your breakthrough?  When overload latched on to you; and you were seemingly lost; who convinced you to take a step back, redirect your focus and press on?  Who precipitated your discovering untapped gifts, talents and abilities within you?  Who talked you into taking a leap and starting that venture?  Who recommended you for that workgroup, or to sit on that board?  Who played a part in you realizing the ministry within?

But even though, who did it for you, has a positive connotation, it can sprout from a negative situation. Think about it.  Someone ridiculing and chiding you can push you into taking steps to improve yourself just to prove them wrong.    A person taking advantage of your kindness will cause you to pray more, study about longsuffering, and ponder over giving grudgingly.  It will help you to listen attentively to the voice of the Lord and hear when He tells you that you are being an enabler and really not helping this person.  Who did you link up with that caused you to get stuck in a rut?  When the Lord shined the light, did you cut the tie, do an evaluation and realize that thing in you that draws you to stuck people?

Maybe, “Who did it for you” links to a goal.

Who paved the path for you to reach where you are today?  Who caused you to set and reach your goals?  Who urged you to step out and start that business?  Who pushed you to go on and publish that book you started writing over ten years ago?  Who caused you to think again, enroll in a university and get your degree?  Who pressed you to write when you talked about events in your life?  Who did you come across by happenstance that caused you to remember an assignment from the Lord that you haven’t completed?

One evening, after church service was over, one of the Elders brought a young lady to me and another evangelist.  I asked her how we can help her.  She began to talk to us about her dire situation, and she needed someplace to stay temporarily.  We helped the young lady.  But when I stepped away to talk with one of the elders, the Lord spoke to me very clearly and said, “Rochelle, you should have your transitional home up and running already.  This young lady could be one of the residents.  It is young ladies like her and other young ladies that you are to help.”  I not only felt bad for the young lady; but, remorse bombarded me.  I repented to the Lord, and when I got home, I resurrected the paperwork on the transitional home for women.  I truly believed that the Lord orchestrated that situation to remind me of an unfinished assignment.  All I can say is, “Yes Lord!”  He did it for me.

Maybe, “Who did it for you” links to a feeling.

Who made you feel like a million dollars? cropped-cropped-Ro-in-Virginia-Beach-e1450287774880.jpg Did this cause your esteem to rise and you stopped allowing the put downs of people to affect you?  I’m listening to a song as I type.  It says, “Nobody but Jesus did this for me.”  So I decided to place a picture of myself in this post to remind me that Jesus helped me to realize that “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”  Who broke your heart?  Did this rejection bring about feelings of being unwanted and unattractive?  Or did it inspire you to learn how to love yourself; find out more about you; and seek a closer relationship with the Lord Jesus.  Who helped you to break free from the bondage of grief?  Was it your tiredness of tears?  Or did you wake up one day and tell grief to take a hike?  Who helped you to find peace with your life as it is, and give up self-pity?  Who convinced you to believe that there is more for you to do than you think?  

Can “Who did it for you” be linked to your observation of others?

Whose life is or was an example for you to see where you can improve?  Who had so much influence over you that led you down a destructive road of placing your freedom in jeopardy?  Who did you see do a complete 180; turn their life around, and incited you to begin a self-enhancement journey?  Who helped you to learn how to pay your bills again, after you had major brain surgery?  Whose drive and determination is or was so noticeable and catchy until their very life is or was an inspiration?

How long is your list?

Is your answer to most of the above questions, you?  Did you say, “Nobody helped me; I got to where I am by own sweat, hard work and perseverance?  Nobody was around and I just read my Bible and books?”  Well, my friend, if that is you, I dare to say, “You’re sadly mistaken.”  …First let us pause to say, “If you are in a self-imposed quandary, it is right to take full responsibility.  But when it comes to your progress and achievements, we must realize that we cannot do anything without the help of the Lord.”  If the Bible, the infallible written Word of God enlightened you; the Holy Spirit spoke to you as you read.  Also, when you read books, remember, somebody wrote those books.  The people we meet as we journey through life teach us whether we realize it or not.  Somebody did it for you?

My friend, how long is your list?  My list is pretty extensive.  When I think about, “Who did it for me,” it begins with God, His Holy Word, the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  They did it for me.  It was the Lord who helped me and gave me the ingenuity to persevere.  My parents, my precious children, my pastor, first lady, school teachers, college professors, classmates, co-laborers in the Gospel, preachers, fellow church members did it for me.  Cousins, aunties, uncles, nieces, nephews, friends, enemies, associates, brothers and sisters in the Lord did it for me.  All of God’s creation did it for me. Some books did it for me.   Those who the Lord allowed me to minister to; and many more did it for me. 

The scriptures on my heart today are:  2 Corinthian 5:17  “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature:  old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” (KJV)  Psalm 124:1{a}, 8  “If it had not been the Lord who was on our side…Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth.”  (KJV)

Thank you for spending time with me.  I will leave you with these questions: “Who did it for you?”  and “What did they do for you?” or “What did it for you?”   I’d love to hear from you.  We will talk with you soon.  Love you!



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