Who Has Your Ear?

Can I talk to leaders today?  Stop!  Before you click away, STAY WITH ME and consider this.  …Is it possible that we all are leaders in some form or fashion?  Think about a couple of Merriam-Webster’s definitions of a leader.  It is one who has commanding authority or influence; guides someone or something along a way.  If you have a measure of influence, and someone follows you in any capacity ; you are a leader.

business conversationsWhat leader are you and who has your ear?  …Perhaps you are a behind the scenes coach without a title; but the team looks to you for direction.  Perhaps you are a leader on your job, at your church or of your sorority group.   Perhaps you are the one who encourages others to take part or stay on the team; or you are that choir member who convinces ex-members to get back into the choir.  Perhaps you are the leader of the school’s parent association; or the leader of your household; that husband, single mom or single dad.  Perhaps you are the leader of an extended family, or among your friends.  Surely you are the leader of those who know how to follow leaders.

Perhaps you are the leader of your high school, college or professional sports team; or a leader in the military.  You may even be the leader of a gang who’s sneaking and reading this post without your crew finding out.  And certainly you are leading yourself through the directions of God.   I’m talking to you, you, you, you, you and you.  And, even if you don’t seem to find yourself in the above mentioned scenarios, STAY WITH ME; because, this is for you too.  Can I have your ear for several minutes?

Who has the capacity to have your Ear?

Whose voice rings the loudest in your ear?  Whose words affect you the most?  When it’s time to make decisions, whose words has the most influence over you?  Is it your mom’s, dad’s, pastor’s words; your uncles’, aunts’, your children’s, brothers’, or sisters’ words?  Is it your leader on your job’s words; your employee’s, coworker’s, assistant’s, friend’s, or enemy’s words?   Is it a church leader’s, a brother or sister’s in the Lord, a colleague’s in ministry, your favorite author’s or recording artist’s words?  Is it the government’s, the local news’, social media’s or the tabloid’s words?  Is it the enemy of your soul’s words?  Sometimes we have listened to the voices of the enemy that has rehearsed things in our heart and mind for years.

There are pros and cons of others having your ear!


God can strategically place people in your life, on the job, at church, or wherever you have influence who will warn you of potential catastrophes and of those who are not for you.  It’s good to have people in your life who your ears are attentive to.   I remember some years ago, my daughter kept saying to me about a particular person, “Mama that is not your friend.”  She would say it so often until it worked my nerves.  But after four years of my daughter telling me more often than not, “Mama that is not your friend;” I found out the hard way.  The person did something to prove my daughter right.  And when I think about it; that person had my ear so until they gave me recommendations why I shouldn’t  publish my book and move forward in other areas of my life.  I foolishly listened.  There was an eleven-year delay, but the book’s  scheduled publishing is in the near future.

gograph-com-happy-photoGod can also place people in your lives, no matter what age, who are innovative and creative to help you in carrying out your vision.  One afternoon, one of the young ladies at my church called me with a question about a scripture.  I told her that I just had a discussion with someone else about another scripture.  She said in a very stern but respectful tone, “Aunty, if you had that blog post up, some of these discussions could be on the blog.”  I said, “Okay, I hear you,” and promised her that I would write the first post by a certain date.  She had my ear; and even changed the layout of this site for me.  When she made the adjustments, she texted with her excitement about the blog.  I’m thankful for a pure sound in my ear through this beautiful, anointed and talented young lady.  She pushed me; and here we are today; happily obeying God in this area of purpose.


Though you have those who wholeheartedly want to see you go forward; being careful of who has your ear is imperative.  The person who has your ear could have an ulterior motive.  They could be underline messy, secretly jealous of you, or jealous of those you lead or work with.  Or, the person could have good intentions; yet they are naïve.  That is why we all have to pray for discernment to hear God about who can and who cannot have our ear….

Sometimes the don’t see the deceit of those who help us; and they mislead us.  We often place our confidences in people who are faithful to us.  However, their jealousy, greed, pride or simple dislike for others of whom we lead, serve or associate with tarnishes their faithfulness and ability to truly help.  This is a result of their failure to understand true faithfulness to God.  All of us must stay prayerful so that we can hear God and allow the Holy Spirit to sift and decipher wrong in ourselves and in people around us who give us messages.  This is essential, especially when we are blooming and expanding.

How do you recognize the need to turn the volume off of those who should not have your ear? 

Don’t let what others feed you about their experience with people affect how you feel towards that person.  Remember the mouths of gossips revive dead issues.  Some people just bring you mess, all the time.  If someone is always a bearer of bad news, their assignment is to keep you at a place of turmoil.

Who and what hat has your ears?  Are the words of an elementary teacher who spoke doom about your future still ringing in your ears today?  Did a relative say something really bad about you that still grips your thoughts today?  Was it a doctor, a nurse, a dentist?  Does the enemy of your soul taunt you with what you don’t have and with how long you have waited on God?  Does he bring up the mistakes of your past?  Does he tell you that you are a horrible parent because your children are not perfect?  Well who is?

It’s time to “ignore the noise,” and replace it with what the Word of God says about you.  Don’t let others’ words affect you to the point where you lose sleep or are on the defense when someone else says something that reminds you of what that person said about you.  Also, be selective about the books that you read, the television shows you watch. and the conversations that you engage in.  The wrong words have the potential to clog your mind.  Again, “Ignore the noise.”

Can I share a story?

A woman who read a book where the writer categorized educated theologians with Pharisees, experts of the law who didn’t really know Jesus.  The woman’s rebuttal was, “I know who I am; a sinner saved by grace.  I love and am a disciple of Christ Jesus; and who is a blessed and grateful educated theologian seeking to please God and to learn more of Him each day.”  She further stated, “It was the Lord who summoned me to go to school.  No one knows how much I had to depend upon Jesus through the entire process.”  In this woman’s refusal of the label as a Pharisee, just because she was an educated theologian, and refusal of stigmatization by this writer, in essence, she turned the volume off and did not allow this cynic to have her ear.  …I can relate.  This writer assumes that all theologians don’t spend time with Jesus; but he does not know that some of us were only able to return to school and get a degree by the grace of God.  …Can you think of an instance where you experienced stigmatization and criticism, just because of who you are?  And you have had to turn the volume off and keep going?  Are you free from the effects of the label?  How did you spring out of it?

Who should have your ear?

God almighty.  The Holy Spirit.  Your Pastor….as he follows Christ.  Your spouse, your children, your God ordained mentor as they follow Christ.  Whoever God advises.

Thanks for joining me in these Monday moments of reflection.  We are so careful of who has our ear as the Lord continues to allow us to bloom and plant so that the best us can spring forth.  If you have thoughts or insights on this topic, you’re welcome to share them with us.  I’d love to hear from you.  We’ll talk again on Thursday.



Originally posted 2015-11-02 14:31:04.

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  1. Crystal Rice says:

    Beautiful and inspiring! God bless you!

    • Rochelle L. says:

      Thank you Sister. I’m thankful that the writing is an inspiration. Blessings!

  2. Shawn Emefiele says:

    Ive learned through many different trails in life the best person to have your ear should be you. Throughout the day we are faced with many different situations and scenarios, and often times everyone will have an opinion or want to say how they would handle a situation. But if we seek God for direction he will tell us how we should handle, maneuver or go about living life daily. As well as how to be productive and successful. Then you can tell your self what to do or know how to plan/strategize your next move.

    • Rochelle L. says:

      Thanks Shawn for sharing. I’m reading your comment to say that the Spirit of The Lord has your ear. It sounds like you are a prayerful woman who seeks the Lord for plan and strategy. God bless you!

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