Who Is Your Crew?


Do you have a crew?  Or, do you need a crew?  Some might say, “No!  A crew is not necessary.”  But I beg the differ.  I think we all need a crew.  Even if it’s just you and one other person,  That’s a crew.

The question of needing a crew reminds me of the phrase, “No man is an island.”  John Donne coined this quote in the early seventeenth century; and it is still befitting today.  Isn’t it a good thing to have others to bounce ideas off or handle certain situations?  Think about it.  The Lone Ranger wasn’t really alone.  He had Tonto.  Even though Tonto was the Ranger’s helper; Tonto gave him advice; and was there for him.  Don’t you agree that we all will need advice or help at some time or another?

So why are there so many loners?

I’ve met people who prefer to do everything on their own.  Their reasons for taking this stance vary.  Some unwittingly placed important assignments in the hands of the wrong people, and it resulted in a fiasco.  Some trusted people who burned them.  Others told so-called friends about something they were working on; just to have them steal their idea and claim it as their own.  Have you ever shared a dream or goal with someone who you thought was your confidant?  Then you found out that they secretly started a project exactly like what you told them?   If that was you; don’t let that bad experience stop you from building a new crew.  imageDon’t let paranoia drive you into isolation.  Everyone is not low down.  Just be prayerful, selective, and learn from the fall-out.  Remember, tomorrow is always another day; and don’t forget, “No man is an island.”

I remember something my daughter always told me when I shared betrayals by pseudo friends with her.  She would say, “Mama, your husband will be your friend.”  As a single woman, my number one confidante is the Lord.  That will remain so; even when He has a wonderful brother find me.  If you are a married woman, we’re praying that your husband is the head honcho in your crew.  My married brothers; we’re praying that your wife is second to none in your crew.  The point is:  We all need help every now and again.

Everyone needs a circle. 

I once read an interesting article that made a good point about needing others.  It mentioned how having a diversity of people in your life is an asset.  People with different professions, different ages, and races help you with ideas.  I truly agree.

Different crew types help you to keep it moving.

  • Inner circle:  This usually consists of those who are closest to you; your immediate family; or dearest friends.  For me, when my children were young; my inner circle was me and the Lord.  That was mainly because, my mother was on the run; and it was difficult for me to share with people.  I learned through trial and error to handle certain people who came into my life with a long-handled spoon.  As my three children grew into adulthood, they became my inner circle.   We always called it, our “Circle of Trust.”  We shared with each other, what we didn’t share with anyone else.  When my oldest child and only daughter, Tamika married James; he became a part of our circle of trust.  imageNow that Tamika has passed, my circle of trust consists of  me and my sons.  And for me, my cousin Belinda is in my inner circle.  …But there are some people whose immediate family is so toxic until they can’t really share with them.  In this case, it usually helps to prayerfully choose your inner circle wisely.  One thing I’m glad about is that the Lord has always been my inner circle.  Whether my sons or my cousin Belinda are busy or not; my relationship with the Lord is always priority.  He’s always accessible.   My friends, who is your inner circle?


  • Accountability Partner(s):  This type of crew helps you to reach your goals.  I found that it is best to share your goals with people who you know love you, support you and who are not afraid to hold you accountable.  By no means can these persons be envious of you.    Have you ever talked with someone about an upcoming project that you are working on; and they replied with sarcasm?  That’s an undercover hater.  These type of persons disqualify themselves with their cloak of jealousy.  Close the door on their negativity.  Move on.  The Lord will send people in your life who will help you push forward.  You can mention something you plan to do with them; and when you see or talk to them; they ask you how that project is going.  They are your accountability partners.  This reminds me of a couple of young ladies who the Lord uses to push me in my endeavors.  Their queries about my proposed project have a powerful undercurrent.  They are really saying without saying, “Auntie, when are you going to do what you told me about?” ….My friends, who is/are your accountability partner(s)? 


  • Business partners:   These are especially needed when you are a CEO, or have some other upper management position on your job.  Business owners also need partners.  imageThese type of partners don’t have to share ownership in your company; or have an executive title on your job.  Yet they will give you a listening ear or give pertinent advice about business decisions.  The great thing is; your spouse, friend or adult children may all fit in this category.  Who is/are your business partner(s).


  • Ministry Partners:  Co-laborers in the Gospel who know what God has called them to do, make good ministry partners.  Especially if they know the gifts and talents God has given them.  And they both have committed to building God’s kingdom.  They’re sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit.  They may consist of platonic friends, cousins, or married couples.  Even though, these types of partners are shamefully minimal; they do exist.  Remember, Paul had Silas;  Mary had Elizabeth; and Aquila had Priscilla.   Who is/are your ministry partner(s)?


  • Thought Partners:  I often share ideas with my sons, or Kisha.  They are all under 40.  Sometimes it’s good to get the opinions of younger people. You can even have a teenager as your thought partner.  I’ve found that young people help you see things in a totally different way.  They also keep you in touch with the times. The same CEO whose husband is her business partner may have a 15 year-old nephew or niece as her thought partner.  Who is/are your thought partner(s)?

My friends, I ask again, “Do you have a crew?”   Who does your crew consist of?  Is it one person; or is it multiple people?  Are they the same type of people, the same age, with the same likes?  Or are they people with different professions, abilities, educational levels, and ages?    Don’t you think it’s best to have a variety of  people as your crew?  I think so.  The bottom line is:  “Resilience dwells in your thoughts and actions, when you have people in your life.”

Justin, Melvin, James, Jordan, Belinda, Lakisha, Shawn, Nikki, Stephanie, Lori, and a few others are members in my different crews.  Peoplle inspiring peopleThey all have different personalities and life experiences.  Each play different roles.  But that’s good.  They all have a unique ability to cause me to think about things in a totally different way.  Sometimes, I agree.  Other times, I disagree.  Yet , they all spark thought.  But through prayer and spending time in the Word; the Lord has the last say.  So my friends, I’ll ask you again, “Who is your crew?”

Maybe the title of this post should have been, “Who is your real circle?”  People surround us everyday; and actually they are not our crew.  They range from co-workers, classmates, fellow business owners, co-laborers in the Gospel; and even some family members.  But they are just associates.

My friends, I’ll leave you with a thought.  Do you think a better title for this post is, “Who is your real circle?”   Why?  Can you answer either question?  Think about it.  “Who is your crew?  Who is your inner circle?  Why do you need a crew?”

Thank you for joining me today …We’ll talk soon.



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    I’m so sorry about your daughter

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      Thank you! God bless you!

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