Why Haven’t You Thrown In The Towel?


How many times have you said, “I quit;” but you kept going?  How often has it seemed as though you’ve reached your wit’s end; but a new start springs up in you?  How many times have you told yourself that what you are believing God for is hopeless?  But, despite the frustration, you keep believing.  How many setbacks, rejections, ambushes, betrayals or set-ups have you experienced; yet you haven’t given up?  …Tell me.  Why haven’t you thrown in the towel?

When you think about all that you’ve experienced, do you ever wonder why you haven’t given up? There are many reasons why.  Perhaps after you’ve weighed your options, you realized that throwing in the towel would not only affect you;  but it would affect those who depend on you.  Perhaps you overheard a family member, school counselor, or other adult say that you would never amount to anything.  Those words drove you to travel on a quest to prove them wrong.  Or just maybe God has placed a “Let’s go!  Let’s do this,” down inside of you?

Someone said that everything has its limit. But is that always the case?  Is it possible to keep going at something no matter what?  My friends, have you faced a situation where you had two options; quit and sink; or press forward with determination and stay afloat?  Which option did you choose?

I recently had a financial situation, where I had a certain amount of funds to buy auto insurance.  My old policy lapsed and I needed insurance to keep driving my car and renew my tags.  The first agency that I called asked for a deposit that was two hundred percent more than what I had.  The next company wouldn’t accept me.  I hung up the phone, sat there and cried.  I was so disgusted and afraid.  The enemy of my soul started playing a sob song in my mind of how struggle has been with me my entire life.  I cried the more, and began to complain to God.  imageI started thinking of ways to quit; then it hit me.  I heard, “Rochelle you need your car for your grandson and to get to church!  Are you going to just sit here, cry and quit?”  Then I started calling more agencies, refusing defeat.  After the fifth company, someone finally quoted a price within my range.  When I hung up, I heard, “Rochelle do you realize there is a tenacity down in you to press until you receive positive results?  Quitting and throwing in the towel has never been a part of your DNA!”   But I still said to myself, “Why haven’t you thrown in the towel?”

Why do you keep going?

What about you?  I realize that denials drive me forward by faith.  Wanting to please God and reach desired goals drive me forward?  But, why do you keep going?  Why do you push to fix broken relationships?  Why do you take a hit and get back into the line of fire?  Why do you refuse to wear the “Woe it’s me,” label?  …Sometimes the Lord will grab you by the collar, pull you out of your pity party and push you to keep going.  Is that it?  Think about it.  He knows the end from the beginning.  Perhaps the rejection, betrayal or set-back that you experienced was orchestrated to allow you to walk on pity boulevard.  It is in the low places where you make discoveries about yourself and about God.  It is in these times where you can start to envision yourself in your God ordained destiny.

Pushing through a financial debacle today gives you stamina and wisdom for handling mega income in the future.  Driving forward with trouble on every side allows you to see how The Lord is holding you up when it looks like you’re drowning.  Have you ever said, “Things have got to get better?”  Those words come when times are tough.  Think about it; rough bouts in life are avenues for vision.  They are instigators that propel you to see yourself in that career, that wonderful marriage, that business, that home, that solid place in God, that ministry.

Who are you to not throw in the towel?

Maybe you’re the analytical type; and you’ve thought out how sinking looks in comparison to even barely staying afloat.  Perhaps you are that parent who strives to help your children see better days.  Perhaps you’re the ultimate optimist and you see breakthrough no matter what you face.  Or are you that dreamer who sees better, better, better, in the midst of chaos?  Or when the sun is not shining, you still see sunshine on cloudy days?

Here is a young lady in her late twenties’ view:

My friends, there are so many reason why we don’t throw in the towel.  I asked my cousin Mindy, “Why haven’t you thrown in the towel?”  She paused.  It took her some time to answer; but when she did, her answers were encouraging.  She first said, “I don’t know.”  Then the answers started flowing out…. Mindy said, …

  • “I feel I have responsibilities that are more important than throwing in the towel and giving up.  People are depending on me on some level.  Sometimes I do feel like quitting my job.  But it’s more than me.  People depend on me.  I have to keep living.  This past week, at my job, I was so ready to walk out the door.  But that wouldn’t be responsible.  I have responsibilities.
  • Friday, that exact same question popped in my head.  I thought of what’s going on with my family, and the different things we are going through with my mom being sick.  Standing on God’s Word and His promises keeps me going through her illness.  I can’t throw in the towel and say she will never get healed.  But I keep standing on God’s promises.
  • Just being a virgin.  I can think of so many young people to motivate;  and encourage them to wait.image
  • School:  The stress of trying to stay on top of my game at school and wanting to get “A’s” is another reason.  I can’t give up on trying to better myself.  You have to look at the bigger picture.
  • Life period.  The stuff you go through everyday.  That’s enough to make you want to give up.  But it takes God to get you through without giving up.  There are some people who went through traumatic things.  It’s easy to just give up and say, “I quit;” but, what good is it going to do.  I have to get up and do something.  I can’t stay in a rut.  It’s only by the grace and mercy of God that I am still moving forward.  If you don’t have God, it’s best to give up.”

Wow!  Mindy’s response touched on so many areas of life.  Her selflessness and faith in God are inspiring.  She’s just twenty-eight years old; yet she’s full of power.  Our prayers are with her as she walks toward her God ordained goals.

My friends, think about different areas of your life where you have or are triumphantly pressing through obstacles.  Ask yourself, “Why haven’t I thrown in the towel?”  You will see so many wonderful attributes about God and what He has placed in you.  I certainly have.

Thank you for sharing this time on this wonderful day that the Lord has made.  I’ll leave you with one of the scriptures that encourages me when the thought of throwing in the towel comes.  Philippians 3:13, 14 says, “Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended, but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before.  I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” (KJV)

What are your thoughts on the question, “Why haven’t you thrown in the towel?”  I’d love to hear from you.  We’ll talk soon.






Originally posted 2016-03-31 15:48:15.

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  1. terri cooper says:

    “When i think of the goodness of the Lord”. This statement may seen topical but when i sit and reflect about my pervious life experiences if it wasn’t for God’s plan to deliver me from the wickness of this world and release the family curse that had me tied up in sin I would be in my grave. It’s good to remember it help me to remove self from the equation apply the wisdom and worldly experiences gives me the upper hand of all the crazy tricks of being mislead under false pretense of others must be applied when walking in my personal spiritual journey with the Lord. The anoiting allows me to stand still quietly in peace listening to His voice regardless of the task He submit stepping and following. OBEDIENCE blocking out that extra noise, drama, except who i am loving my self. As my anoited vision of God’s extented gift develops you are able to see it before it even approches your spiritual ram. I have learned it’s always those you unexpectedly see their worldly side in leadership thinking they have it all together. I attended a worker’s meeting and in mist of the service the Lord allowed me to see somthings in the spiritual ram i refuse to mention but it’s ok it happen so fast all i could do was stand thinking Lord you allowed me to see and experience this which involved (3) people. I will admitt it’s very difficult but i know my Father will not forsaken me and the test is moving into a higher ground that’s why the attacks appear greater but God allows it for reason which your able to reflect back and know just how to respond. I am at a place in my spiritual walk it’s no turning back but so thankful to visually to see spiritually the wickness which encourages me to side step the blocks as an stepping stone and elevation.

    • Rochelle L. says:

      Terri, thank you for your transparency. My prayers are with you as you continue to obey The Lord as you go to a new place in Him. It’s a wonderful thing to not throw in the towel. Blessings!

  2. So inspiring once again I felt like giving up many of times but God loves me so much I can’t leave him even if I wanted to and Mindy is right it’s not about me I have so many souls to reach!!!

    • Rochelle L. says:

      Thank you precious. It’s good to know that you have a heart towards reaching people for The Lord. I’m excited about your press, even when giving up crosses your path. And no, we won’t throw in the towel. Love you!

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