Why This? Why Now?


Do you ever wonder why a particular event or series of events happen in your life?  You don’t only wonder why they happen; but why do they happen when they happen.  I guess we all have been there.  But the questions yet remain, “Why this?  Why now?”   Think about it.  What good, not so good, bad or distinctive events have recently occurred in your life?   Did you wonder, “Why this?  Why now?”

Your this could be anything:

A health issue.  A job promotion.  A layoff.  A financial debacle.  A surprise job offer.  A new ministry assignment.  A new car.  A new house.  A supposedly dear friend went AWOL at a devastating time in your life.  Someone you had high regard for, disappointed you. questions-image You may even have noticed a change in you.  Perhaps things that previously bothered you are no longer an issue.  Perhaps you received an unexpected phone call that gave you an opportunity to walk in your gifts in a new capacity.  Whatever your this is, does it prompt the questions, “Why this?  Why now?”

Maybe, just maybe, things are shaking up in your life to catapult you into a new season; a new thought process; a new attitude; or a new level of faith. smile Maybe God is trying to get your attention.  Maybe God is trying to get you to take notice of how he is operating in your life.  Maybe God is trying to push you into walking in your purpose.  Maybe God is trying to make you smile. 

Things happen that drive you to seek God the more….

In June of this year, my 2006 car started acting up.  This went on for months.  By September, the car became so loud; until, it started sounding like a tractor.  It became embarrassing; but it was my means of transportation.  I told myself, “Deal with it.  After all, the car is paid for; and you don’t have a car note.  Just wait a couple of weeks and get it fixed.”  My sons told me that I needed to buy a new car.  I insisted that I would wait and get it fixed.  But when I think about it now; my hesitation was due to my average credit score.  I didn’t want to deal with rejection. 

But, one morning, as I drove up to my church to attend a workshop during Pentecostal Explosion; frustration hit me hard.  “Why this?  Why now?”  Those were the driving questions in my humiliation.  There were people at the church from all over the country.  So here I was, a God-fearing, faith filled evangelist pulling up in this enormously loud car.   I would try to arrive early, or leave after most of the other people, so that they wouldn’t see me in this obnoxiously loud car.  The questions lingered, “Why this?  Why now?”

I guess, you’re saying, “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to answer that question.  You needed to buy a new car!”  But a plethora of thoughts flooded my mind.  They were, “Why did it have to happen during this event?  Why did it have to happen now?  I need offering money.  questionWhy did it have to happen just when I decided to pay off my assessment?  If I buy a new car, insurance will cost more.  I want to buy new furniture.  I want to take a trip.  I need to save for a 2 week stay in Virginia Beach in the Spring, 2017.  “Why this?  Why now?”  Can you relate?

The Lord dropped into my spirit, “Rochelle could it be that God is pushing you to stretch your faith?  Your credit is average; and you don’t really believe that you will get approved for a car.  Trust God.  Go to the dealer.”  One of my sons and I went to a car dealer; and I sat there quietly expecting a rejection.  But after a few days; and 4 rejections; the Lord opened a door of financing for a 2017.  Praise God!   Yet, even with a new car, the questions lingered.  “Why this”  Why now?” 

I went from wondering why the messed up car to why was I being allowed to drive a 2017 car.  Why Lord?  I’ve had multiple pre-owned cars; but it has been over 20 years since I bought a new car.  Why this?  Why now?

My friends, God will allow things to happen in your life to push you closer to Him.  He will allow things to happen to cause you to realize who you are in Him.  God will allow things to happen in your life to help you to realize who you are, period.  Do you know how favored you are?  delicate-flowerDo you believe that you are like a delicate flower that has blossomed?  Do you know how gifted you are?  Do you know how anointed you are?  Do you believe God’s Word.   Do you believe Psalm 37:4  “Be happy with the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” (GWT)

On the morning of October 24, 2016, my Sweetie Girl cousin/niece; Nikki (she calls me Aunty); drove me to Providence Hospital to have a heart catheterization.  We arrived at the hospital at 9:30 a.m. as instructed, for the 11:30 a.m. scheduled procedure.  With the procedure and recovery time, we were to leave the hospital at 1:30 p.m.  The 45 minute procedure ended up taking over two hours.  Nikki told me that the doctors told her that I had memory lost.  I didn’t know where I was at or why I was there.  I didn’t know who brought me to the hospital.  She said, they told her that when they told me the date, I said, “WHAT!!!!  It’s October 24th already?”  Nikki said that she told them she wanted to see me before they take me for a CAT Scan.  She said, as they rushed me through the halls to the CAT Scan; when I saw her, I cried and said, “Nikki, you got my purse?”  Wow!  I didn’t remember why I was there; but I remembered Nikki and that she had my purse.  ….I was admitted to the hospital; more test were run; and they told me that I had a mini stroke.  What?  Why this?  Why now?  After a brain aneurysm and multiple brain surgeries; a mini stroke?  After a 6 day stay in the hospital; I went home; weak, in pain; with limited mobility; yet able to walk, talk and think.  Praise God!

But the questions are still here,  “Why this?  Why now?”  With a strong, “Thank you Lord, for doing it again,”  there are more questions.  “Lord, what would you have me to do?  Lord please help me to hear what you would have of me.  Lord, am I in your Will with the things I do in life and in ministry?  jump-with-joyLord, while I live out the answer to these questions; there is a praise and a leap for joy way down on the inside.”  ….My friends, I truly think recurring questions you should ask the Lord are, “Why this?  Why now?” And praise Him while He allows your life to perpetually reveal the answers.

Last night, I taught a Bible Study Lesson entitled, “How Strong is Your Relationship With God and Your Faith In God?”   The primary scripture text we dealt with in the lesson was in Acts 16.  One of the questions that I asked the listeners was, “If you were asked to rate your relationship with God and your faith in Him on a scale of 1 to 10; with 10 denoting having a solid relationship and strong faith; what number would you circle?  1?  4?  7?  or 10?”   We worked through the text, and when we discussed verse 25, I posed another question to the listeners.  “Can you praise God in your darkest hour?”  So my friends, think about it.  What would your answer be to those questions?

Sometimes God confirms your “Why This?  Why Now?” through others:

After Bible Study, I talked to one of my sisters in the Lord who is dear to my heart.  I told her about the recent events during the mini stroke; and that I hear God saying, “Get Ready.”   My sister in the Lord said something that really blessed me.  She said, “Rochelle, did you hear what you were teaching us tonight?  It blessed me.  You have to take in your own words and apply them to yourself?  These things have happened to you for where God is taking you.”  Thank you Evangelist TG for confirming what God has said to me.  God bless you!

My friends, “Why this?  Why Now?”   Everything we go through is nudging our faith; pushing us to draw nigh unto God; and helping us be like Christ.    …I’ll leave you with; Roman 8:28 and 29; “For we know that all things work together for the good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.  For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren.”  (KJV)

Thank you for joining me after this long sabbatical.  Always praying!  We’ll talk real soon.



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