Day 2: How Do You Remember God’s Personal Promises?


Well, it is Countdown Day-2.  Wow!  The second to the last day of this journey has arrived.  When I look back at the 38 days of this 40-Day Countdown; it brings me joy.  Many layers have been peeled back; and the core is peeping through.  But, the question is; “What is the core?”  Today’s thoughts are part of the core.

Do you have an accountability partner or group?  Yes?  Are they beneficial to you?  Yes?  Aren’t you glad?

If no one is in your life to hold you accountable; why not?  Think about it.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have someone or a select group of people who personally make sure you stay on track with your goals in life?

Some call this group of helpful people; their village.  Others say, “They’re my peeps.”  I like to call them “My Accountability Crew. (MAC)”   That’s because; they are a part of my village.  My village includes my Spiritual father (leader); who holds me accountable in my walk with God and ministry; my prayer partner, BFF, MAC, and others.

The persons in your accountability crew are usually diverse; with one mandatory commonality.  They all must love the Lord.  …The crew is different from a team.  Teams work together.  Persons in your accountability crew don’t have to know each other.  But, if they do; it is not necessary for them to come together to actively help you.  Yet, as they fulfill their role in your life; it’s likened to a team.

My accountability crew consists of 9 people.  They are diverse; yet powerful. 1 Baby Boomer; 2 young Gen-Xers; and 6 Millennials.  I love them all; and thank God for each one of them.

My sons, Justin and Melvin; son-in-law, James; nephew, Bob; Nikki; Kierra; Kisha; Stephanie; and Olivia.  They don’t know they’ve been labeled as my accountability crew.  But, they all have specific self-imposed roles.

Let’s start with my two strong, persistent, intelligent, handsome,  Millennial age sons; Justin and Melvin.  Sometimes, I need them to pester me about things I drag my feet in doing.  They, (one or the other), remind me about making sure my credit score stays up.  They let me know when my hair or wig is cute.  They remind me to keep looking good.  They get on me about overspending.  They call and ask what I need; if I have food; and If there’s gas in my car.  They find places for me to move to; and ask me to ride with them to take a look.  Though they work my nerves at times; I really appreciate them both.  Especially seeing how often, quitting knocks on my door.  …I’m looking forward to their dreams materializing; and for them to have much, good success.

My young Gen-X age son-in-law James.  The kindhearted, driven, wonderful dad of my grandson.  The minister in hiding; who WILL say “YES!”

Though he is yet grieving the lost of his wife; my daughter; he has kept going.  He is always there when I need help.  He texts me and asks if Jordan can come over; even though I don’t mind.  He keeps me reading my Word.  Especially, because, he occasionally calls and asks some, “Out there,” questions about scriptures.  He challenges me to think about society and the origins of the Word.  We don’t always agree; but he listens.  So do I.  I’m excited about his and Jordan’s lives being filled with non-stop joy.  He knows why I call him the “Minister in hiding.”

My young Gen-X age nephew Bob.  The driven, multi-lingual, musically gifted entrepreneur; who shares his skills with the world.  

He periodically texts me:  “Chelle can you take a call?  Need to pick your brain.”  Our phone conversations keep my business acumen and leadership skills sharpened.  His mind is always going.  He listens to what I tell him; sees business ventures in my volunteer work; and makes suggestions.  Whenever we talk; he asks me about what we discussed in our previous conversation.  Reminds me so much of his dad; my late brother, Bobby.He is so inspiring.  I’m looking forward to seeing his companies become world renown.

The four powerful Millennial age ladies; family who call me, “Auntie.”

Nikki the independent, future nurse, and future evangelist; who stays on me about doctor’s appointments.  Even though she has three active children that she takes good care of; she still remembers my health issues.  “Auntie, did you call the doctor?  Auntie, make sure you let me know when you have major appointments.”  Or she will text me during church service.  “Auntie are you okay?  You were walking to your seat; really slow!”   She’s truly a gift to me.This girl watches everything.  Her drive reminds me of myself when I was raising Tamika, Justin and Melvin.  One day, she will answer that call; walk in it; AND have the career she desires.

Then there’s Kierra; the evangelist, the entrepreneur, the psychologist.  Even though she’s extremely busy in ministry; she occasionally calls or texts; and strikes water.  “Auntie are you ok?  Auntie are you writing?  Auntie are you lonely?  Auntie, perhaps you should do this; or that.  Auntie have you started looking for somewhere to move?  Auntie do you want to go somewhere and have fun?”   Auntie you need to take a trip.”  She’s so inspiring.This girl came to my house; set me up a Facebook account with my phone; and handed my phone back to me.  Then she authoritatively said, “Here, Auntie, you’re on Facebook; create a pin!  You need the exposure for your blog!”   (The one she designed; and pushed me to go on and write a post.)  I like to call her the “Psychologist.”  She convinces me to let go of what I have bottled up inside; draws tears; and gives wonderful suggestions.  …I’m looking forward to her living out all of her dreams.

Kisha; the driven, entrepreneur.  Some say, “She’s the bossy one.”  Yes!  Most leaders carry that label.  Yet, I know she’s persistent, kind-hearted and focused.  Even though she’s busy with Grace and pushing her business; she makes sure I don’t spend holidays alone.  “Auntie, what are you doing on (whatever holiday it is)?   We’re cooking.  Come over at (she gives me a time.)”  Then she calls me the day of and says, “Auntie, stop at the store and get xoxo!”  This girl can COOK!  Her food is always so delicious; except for that new experiment on Mac-n-Cheese on Labor Day.  I couldn’t get with the garlic in it.  She sat there and watched me taste it.  Then she said, “You don’t like it!”  It was so funny.  I’m still waiting on “The Detroit Ice Cream Company,” to feature Rochelle’s favorite; ‘Orange Pineapple.’  …I’m looking forward to her reaching and prospering in her many endeavors.

Then there’s the family’s creative ‘Let’s get it!  Let’s stay united’ girl.  Stephanie, the Graphic Designer/ Fashion Diva.  She pushes our scattered family to connect; through posts on our family’s Facebook Group page; she set up.  She persistently sends notices to us for a Family Reunion.  She stood in my kitchen and suggested I place the multiple areas of ministry I do; under one umbrella.  “Auntie, you do this, that, that, and that!  You can put it all under ‘RLLampkin Ministries.'”  At my request; she even created a sample logo; and sent it to me.  She also reminds me to stay in prayer; and don’t be asking why.   “Hi love; pray.  No questions; just pray!”  …I’m looking forward to witnessing her company; Beloved Graphics, serve the masses.

I can’t forget Olivia.  The sister; who periodically sends me the most encouraging texts. Truly an evangelist.  The retired school teacher; who reminds me of the things I’ve mentioned over the years in the MNCJ Women’s Leadership Conferences.   I.e., The Women’s Transitional House; Vision Board sessions; and publishing the book I finished 10 years ago.  The timely texts really bless me; and remind me to stay in ministry; and keep pursuing the PhD.

  1.  “Thought for you… “Be open to the guidance of synchronicity. and do not let expectations hinder your path” Dr., Rev. Rochelle. God is with you. And it is so.”
  2. “Thinking of you and praying for you. My thought to you… “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the result.”  Be blessed.”
  3. “Praise God. You were on my mind. Praying all is well with you. To acquire knowledge, one must study.  But to acquire wisdom, one must observe.  Let that simmer.  Much love.”

I’m looking forward to seeing my sister teach and preach in more diverse congregations throughout the world.

My friends, what about you?  

C.S. Lewis pinned, “You are never too old to set another goal, or to dream a new dream.”  It took a while for me to embrace Lewis’ way of thinking; but I have.  Actually, it’s a driving force in my life today.  I see the brightness of the morning; like fresh yellow flowers.

What about you?  What drives you?  Who holds you accountable?  Do you need someone to help you stay on track?  It’s a blessing to have loyal loved ones; family connected through blood relations; and through the blood of Jesus.

Here’s a scripture to meditate on:   “I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth. My soul shall make her boast in the Lord: the humble shall hear thereof, and be glad. O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together.”  Psalms‬ ‭34:1-3‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Thanks  for joining me today.  I’m looking forward to Countdown Day-1; the last day of this 40-Day journey.  We’ll talk soon.



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